Living on the air in Sioux Falls….KELO-AM

I’ll be taking up my guest hosting duties again on the Greg Belfrage show on Newstalk 1320 KELO-am  — on  Wednesday, June 8 and Monday, June 13th – Friday, June 17th.  The show airs 6 a.m. – 10 a.m. (except on Thurdays when it only goes until 9).

If you are not in the SF listening area, the show does livestream over the internet.

18 Replies to “Living on the air in Sioux Falls….KELO-AM”

    1. Nicole

      Why do persist in being so ruthlessly ugly and hurtful? Stick to arguing issues and keep your childish behavior on your blog.

      1. Name

        Cory just likes making people feel bad because he can, no specific reason. He’s a smug, liberal elitist with an OBSESSION towards Kristi Noem.

  1. anon

    Right now the D’s are lucky to have Madville Times going because Cory is doing more for liberals than Nesselhuf will ever do.

    Cory for SDDP Chair!!!

  2. duggersd

    I live in Sioux Falls, and have listened to the Greg Belfrage show quite frequently. I have also heard Kristi Golden fill in. She has done a very good job. I have not noted a bunch of dead air and I have also heard several people call in with whatever the topic of the day is. And she has a nice voice. I look forward to hearing you.

  3. Les

    Never forget a little dead air can have awesome impact if the timing is right Kristi. George Burns could stop mid sentence, look at you and have the crowd breaking up. On interviews it will sometimes bring an answer from a reluctant interviewee. Go get em!

  4. Name

    Dead Air is in the eye of those who are also dead air.

    If the message is 100% the truth not someones feelings I find no fault theproblem is getting the total truth not a personal agenda


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