Lobbyist demands no mask ordinance in Rapid City because he “loves to get down in the ditch ..in the knife fight.”

The Rapid City Common Council held a special hearing about a proposed mask mandate last night, with ..quite the group of Constitutional Scholars arguing against masks, including former Sioux Falls Legislator R. Shawn Tornow telling council members he’s ready to sue, current State Representative Tony Randolph speaking, and Senator-elect Julie Frye Mueller lurking in the background (among others).

If you want to watch the entire thing:

There’s also a rather unkempt Jordan Mason making veiled threats against council members, because he “does elections” and laughably tells council members that he “loves to get down in the ditch in the knife fight.”

Here’s that portion of a rambling speech from “I’m a lobbyist” Mason:

Somehow I doubt City Councilors lost any sleep over that one.

30 thoughts on “Lobbyist demands no mask ordinance in Rapid City because he “loves to get down in the ditch ..in the knife fight.””

  1. I invited Jordan on the Spearfish City Limits show: https://PlainsTribune.com

    He said he was too busy leading-up to the election.

    Personally, anybody in elected office without the mental and ethical fortitude to stand-up to this globalist fueled coup should be primaried and run-out of office as quickly as possible.

    Jordan is still welcome to come on and express himself to our (quickly growing) audience.

    Alas, lastly I should point out that he did have time to go on Shad Olson’s show.

    I think PlainsTribune dot com and Spearfish City Limits is making terrestrial radio monopolies very nervous.

    If they are nervous now, wait till they see our next trick.

    FWIW, I’ve reached-out to Shad with an offer to lend some of our intellectual credibility to his operation. Never heard back .. I wonder if my email ended-up in his spam blocker, or if he’s just too big time for this small time, common sense, independent Internetio operation.

    Best of luck to the neocons in any event .. the new Tea Party was just born, and the birthweight is about 10x the original movement.

    It’s a fantastic time to be a patriot, and Globalist China and weak, corporatist hedging neo-tards can



    1. oooh mask rejection. the founding fathers never saw that one coming. the only china connection here sport, is us learning what a nightmare it would be if china actually did set off an intentional pandemic. it would be a thousand times worse and you’d launch every nuke you had. that’s how you’ll know the difference so make a note.

      1. btw – i witnessed the birth of the Taxed Enough Already party in 2009. it thrived and grew for a few months when it was truly transcendent, but the first time all the hard right leaders rose to take their rightful place in the lead, the crowds vanished and never came back. i don’t look for that kind of spontaneity to happen ever again.

  2. What gets me is Jordan’s ignorance of the law, but then so indignant that the other side is wrong ( even though they are right).

    Cities clearly have the authority to have mask mandates—-they have wide authority to regulate health. Can they regulate restaurants to wear gloves and masks when cooking or at fairs etc

    1. I am pretty sure the city does not have the authority to mandate masks indiscriminately. Coercion and shaming of individual behavior of a free people in public will be counterproductive.

      1. they appear at political moments but you couldn’t prove in court that they dominate anything. it was a 9-1 vote.

          1. the final ordinance was amended or there wouldn’t have been nine yes votes. again, i do not get why masking is the philosophical “mountain” you’ll all make your last best stand on, at the certain cost of portraying all the mask supporters as ignorant traitors. we love that btw lol.

  3. I don’t know what’s more embarrassing, that somebody would invite Mason on their show, or that he would turn you down.

  4. Mayo Clinic: “Can face masks help slow the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19? Yes, face masks combined with other preventive measures, such as frequent hand-washing and social distancing, help slow the spread of the virus.”

    On the other hand, did you believe politicians when they said that the virus was going away by Easter 2020? Or the summer heat would kill it off? Have you believed, for months now, that we “rounded the corner”? That masks don’t work? Distancing is not necessary? Group activities are fine? And it’s “just like the flu”?

    Just stop. Stop believing that junk. Their party or position doesn’t matter, if they aren’t telling you the truth. ANYONE peddling this nonsense could get you killed.

    Mayo Clinic… just might… know better than they do.

    1. I know I’m repeating myself but I’m calling BS.

      Since the “experts” advocated policies with wreckless disregard of a host of public health challenges in the aggregate significantly bigger than Covid, have proposed policies for periods not realistic to sustain (these so-called experts work with people who can’t stop smoking or eating or abusing drugs to save their life and they are so stupid to think they can impose on these same people isolation, job loss, no smiles and expect compliance. Some experts), have used coercion, shame and blatant deception to manipulate behavior of the public, I’ve taken it upon myself discern what I think is proper balanced action for myself and the common good.

      Not everybody is capable of being Anne Frank as all the mean-hearted memes and shame have demanded. 20% of adults suffer from some form of mental health challenge. 10% of adults struggle with sobriety. Many of them have children living with them. In the aggregate they exceed the number susceptible to serious consequences from Covid.

      I’m standing with and for all the people who have born the bulk of the cost of the policies you’ve supported and who continue to get no consideration. I’ll listen when Covid mitigation is balanced with all public health challenges.

      1. Yes, yes. You go ahead and call “BS” on the experts. Kristi Noem tells us masks don’t work anywhere they have been tried and you believe her? There is a mountain of evidence supporting mask usage but you’d rather believe some politician who is parroting another politician.

        Nobody. Nobody has been more wrong in the handling of this virus than Kristi Noem. Our terrible Covid numbers (which you should know because I predicted them to YOU months ago) are there for all the world to see.

        But you go right ahead and believe her. And I will believe you… when you choose a plumber over a gastroenterologist for your colonoscopy.

        1. Elk, I understand your perspective. You think Covid is the #1 public health challenge and it is so transcendent the impact on all other public health challenges aren’t to be considered to mitigate Covid.

          I disagree. Like I said above: I will listen when covid mitigation is balanced against with all other public health challenges. I’m standing with and for all the people who have born the bulk of the cost of the policies you’ve supported and who continue to get no consideration.

          Besides immune to your coercion, bullying and shaming, I’ve tuned you and your allies out because like your response above makes clear, you and your allies refuse to even contemplate, recognize or make any accommodation to those who suffer from your dictates.

          1. You and your staw men.

            Nobody is trying to close down the state. Nobody is bullying you. What you’ve tuned out… is the truth.

      2. Damn Troy you nailed it here. I’m not usually a fan, but I gotta give you credit on this. Well said.

        But how can you be so right on this and so wrong on marijuana?

  5. Elk,

    People with mental health challenges, addiction challenges, and the children who live with them are not “straw men” but are real people. But thanks for proving who you are and your humanity. Over these six months the most belligerent to refuse to recognize those who suffer from these strategies I’ve come to discover are fearful about themselves and their views are really all about them. I am sympathetic of the fears you have. I’m just more sympathetic of others.

    1. What are you talking about? How do masks harm anyone? Hurt the economy?

      I have never advocated shutting down the economy. It may be a last resort in high density areas. I just don’t know. Certainly not here. But I don’t stick my head in the sand either. Kristi’s policies have made a lot of people sick that didn’t need to be.

      She sure has gotten the attention and headlines she craves, though. Hasn’t she?

      1. So you are saying your only beef with the Governor’s Covid response is no mask mandate? If not, what else do you disagree with specifically?

        1. Of course not. She encouraged mass gatherings in the middle of a pandemic, for God’s sake. She mocked social distancing. She bragged about “doing everything wrong”.

          Need more?

          1. Specifics. And then, what would you have done? Scolded them or prohibited it or something else?

            And, do you advocate a mask mandate? Schools go to distance teaching? Bars and restaurants closed or restricted seating?

            1. I would have schools remain open absent a serious outbreak at a particular school.

              I would originally have strongly encourage mask use and, if that didn’t work, we’d be forced to have a mandate.

              Employees have to be protected with masks and distancing. Example… How long would a HyVee or Walmart checkout clerk avoid the virus with that much public contact? And businesses like Smithfield needed more precautions, obviously.

              Common sense goes a long way.

              1. Yes, I know Walmart and HyVee have done that on their own but other businesses failed to protect employees.

                The government should be looking out for them when their bosses don’t.

  6. update: the rapid city council voted five to five on a new mask ordinance which had been greatly watered down anyway. the mayor broke the tie with a no vote and the ordinance was defeated.

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