Looks like the Legislature was getting along as well as usual in their first electronic legislative day (due to Coronavirus)

According to the Argus Leader, it sounds like everyone up at session was getting along as well as they usually do up at the final day of session, which was being held electronically, because of the coronavirus epidemic:

The early morning hours also brought discontent between lawmakers. Moments before the Senate adjourned, Sen. Phil Jensen tried to move to convene a disciplinary committee to investigate claims that Sen. Kris Langer was intoxicated and had interrupted proceedings in both the House and Senate.

Proceedings were briefly thrown into confusion, until Lt. Gov. Larry Rhoden eventually ruled Jensen out of order, given that he was unable to provide his request in writing. Jensen challenged the ruling, and lost in a 4-26 vote.

Read the entire rundown of the proceedings here.

Phil Jensen going after the majority leader? If I wanted to watch a guy with a mustache attack a woman over the Internet, I think I’ll rewatch Tiger King. (At least Joe Exotic sings and has Tigers.)