Looks like the South Dakota contingent of the State-level Freedom Caucus consists of Taffy Howard & Phil Jensen

There are news reports today surrounding the gathering that Congressional hopeful Taffy Howard is attending this week in Georgia, which gives a little more context to the recent photos of her with Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene and former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows:

Cumming Republican Sen. Greg Dolezal, chair of the new Georgia Freedom Caucus, said the goal is to promote conservative values in state legislatures around the country.


Behind him were about 40 state legislators from Wyoming, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Indiana, South Dakota, Mississippi, Arizona, Iowa, Illinois, Texas, Alaska, Idaho and Nevada.


Singleton said the new caucus is following the national group’s lead and not publishing a list of members, though they are free to reveal that they belong to the caucus.

Read the article here.

If you go look at the picture accompanying the article, the picture appears to have two South Dakota legislators hiding in the back;  Taffy Howard who notes her attandance on her facebook page, and State Senator Phil Jensen, who was recently cited by Rolling Stone as also being a member of the Oath Keepers group.

As further noted in the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows is making headlines in Washington today, but he’s also looking to make a mark on state legislatures, including Georgia’s, with the launch of the State Freedom Caucus Network.

The network will be an extension of the House Freedom Caucus, the group of conservative House members that Meadows once chaired, which has successfully moved the House GOP agenda to the right since it was founded in 2015.

In a press release, CPI says that its goal in supporting the State Freedom Caucus Network is to seed state legislatures across the country with “principled, America-First conservatives.” Among CPI’s top priorities for legislative issues are “election integrity, critical race theory, school choice, vaccine mandates, and police reform.”

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What do you think?

Does this earn Taffy or Phil any votes beyond the group of people who were going to vote for them anyway?

16 thoughts on “Looks like the South Dakota contingent of the State-level Freedom Caucus consists of Taffy Howard & Phil Jensen”

  1. Oh man that takes me back to Ali Alexander’s protest at that spot in December 2020/January 2021 time frame.

    Off topic slightly – as an ~18 year resident of Pima County, Arizona – I can confirm there are many many people capable of stuffing ballot boxes without thinking twice.

    The flaw in the ballot box stuffing scheme was that it overflowed certain real world constraint parameters if you could get a popular enough America First – nationalist – candidate. This resulted in more people voting in areas than had registered voters, for instance. The real world parameter was registered voters, and to win the algorithm required certain areas to overflow maximum possible vote totals (registered voters should never be less than votes cast). The the difference exceeded the margin of victory. Other precincts had over 90% turnout, another obvious anomaly with national averages in the 60’s range.

    The algorithm would have been written to distribute the work to the different captured precincts to avoid detection from any given precinct generating statistical anomalies sufficient to trigger an investigation.

    Trump was popular enough, and these anomalies are EVERYWHERE (Sioux Falls being one example).

    It is appropriate to keep looking into election integrity, and if necessary to have another POTUS election in 2022 (this would require a very finessed timing of the SCOTUS ruling to prevent leadership gap/vacuum) or even simply instate President Trump if the evidence is legion in the opinion of SCOTUS.

    But as a Trump supporter, I think I speak for most other Trump supporters in saying we’d like Trump sworn in on January 30-ish, 2022, but not before.

    Controversial difficult verifiable opinion: the pandemic was launched intentionally to steal the election, which was observed by many LE organizations in real time who confirmed it was stolen, but that the scope and size of the organization doing the theft required more preparation and thought than originally thought to “drain the swamp” since the critters in there can also breath and ambulate on land.

    From a security and integrity perspective our voter roles create a pathetically porous front for exploitation. We must fix this to maintain a good way of life in the future.

    The anonymous and unverifiable pseudo-democratic processes of secret societies fails the living and desecrates the dead because it is failing to address the most basic human problems at scale. The answer is NOT cull. The answer is reorganize and shift the vision for the future, which at the moment is spiraling out of control due to the whimsical lack of common sense of a drug-soaked death cult overtaking our leadership positions and puppeteering even our most based elected leadership.

    that is all

    1. Hey, you remember when you all thought he was going to be reinstated multiple times after the election? You remember that? But now, based purely on your unwillingness to acknowledge reality, you’ve moved it back yet again to the end of 2022. You need to seek help, man.

    1. Kind of like Trump is a cancer to the SDGOP? He still thinks the election is rigged. Whose side are these incumbents really on, Liz Cheney and the Lincoln project, or Donald Trump. Well if you are trashing, Jensen, Howard and Dale, you are trashing Trump and all of his SD supporters.

      1. Of course he still thinks the election is rigged, he is a deeply insecure man who absolutely cannot admit fault ever. Why can you not see this?

  2. So, after spending months providing the Jan 6 committee thousands of documents, Meadows now conveniently claims Executive Privilege and makes a lot of headlines timed to the launch of his new fund-raising gig. Got it. Move along.

  3. You can tell a lot about someone in how they handle a loss. Consider Dan Gable, the recipient of Trumps medal of freedom. If Trump were anywhere on the level as Gable (we know he isn’t, and he didn’t know the guy, it was a political stunt to get Iowa voters that he walked out on mid ceremony), he would have known how Gable handled a loss and the character it takes to accept that. Gable went through college 117-1, his final match of his senior season, he lost. He was projected on all cards to win. Gable didn’t blame the ref, he didn’t blame the coaches or fans, he owned it, conquered it, and came back stronger and continued to a gold medal in the Olympics. We have all these puds who are searching for excuses rather than searching for the reason why Trump lost. It says a lot about your character, and the type of person you are with all this whining and finger pointing. You MAGA people have turned into the people you constantly criticize, the poor sport, participation trophy kids who have been spoiled your whole lives, and when you lose, you want to change the rules and not accept the results of the game. Quit hating the game, that isn’t what caused your loss, it was the player. What can YOU do to change it?

    1. Very well stated, Tony. 45 is all about the grift, and definitely proves that it takes more than money to have class. Of course, from all his past interviews (e.g., on Howard Stern’s shows or that notorious “Access Hollywood” one) and shenanigans we know he has no character, and this tantrum he’s been throwing for more than a year since lost demonstrates that. MAGA’s dear leader had never been fired until 2021, and his ego can’t handle it.

      The scary thing is, he’ll get a bunch of sycophants to carry water for his pathetic cause, then ultimately throw them under the bus.

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