Lora Hubbel campaign letter investigated by KELO as scam, as the worst items of your facebook feed run for office.

Sometimes, you just can’t make this stuff up. KELO had a story last night where they sent out Angela Kennecke to investigate a fundraising letter that Lora Hubbel sent to the Platte area to raise money for her campaign… and to pay for a private investigator to investigate the Westerhuis deaths.

Why does she want a private investigator? Well, everyone is in on the conspiracy. Didn’t you know that?

Several dozen people in Platte have received an unexpected letter in the mail asking them to donate to a political campaign in order to help hire a private detective to find out what really happened the night of September 16 at the Westerhuis compound.

Some people brought it to my attention because they thought it was a scam.

It turns out it’s from a former gubernatorial candidate and current state senate candidate.


“I don’t believe the state story that is out there,” Hubbel said. “And I don’t understand why the state can investigate itself, and not have somebody from outside the state actually come in and investigate.”

Hubbel has kicked in $500 of her own money and the state senate candidate says she hears about it from everyone on the campaign trail.

“The number one thought on state government?” Hubbel asked. “What’s happened in Platte? We don’t believe that. How stupid do they think we are. We’re not getting all the information.”

Hubbel is asking donations go to her campaign fund. She says she’s allowed to do that and calls it “oppositional research.”

Read it here.

I’d point out it’s opposition research, but that bulb is too dim for enlightenment.

The problem with Lora is that since she’s been elected, and as she’s ran for office, you would think that her world view would expand as she improved her level of education. In other words, as she learns, you would think she gains greater understanding of the world and of her fellow man.

But no. As years go by, she’s just driving deeper and deeper into crazy town.

As I commented on the KELOland story last night, Lora running for office is comparable to the nuttiest things that pop up on your facebook feed coming to life, taking out a petition, and running for the State legislature.

Lora famously called out the state’s lay your baby on their back message from the DOH in a press conference and stated they promote it because she believed that laying children on their back to prevent SIDs is a government plot to make them more susceptible to government authority. Her facebook feed is a constant string of posts on how jet contrails are evidence of a plot to spray us with nefarious chemicals. And that electronic highway signs may be “scanning our irises” for inclusion in a government database.

When she was running for mayor, she also wanted all new construction to include atomic bomb shelters. I’m not even going to get into her repeating discredited and debunked studies on vaccines causing health issues.

jihad_siouxFallsStyleIn her most recent tirades, she also thinks the Sioux Falls airport needs to be investigated because radical muslims are recruiting for jihad there, and she had heard employees say that the radical jihadis at the airport “recruited a white guy” and “have defined it as their pre-jihad.”

And wrote a letter to the airport board about it.


The scariest thing in the world to me is that there are some people who may actually not understand this, and cast a ballot in her direction in June.

Regardless of whether Lora’s fundraising letter is a scam to raise campaign dollars, or because someone sees her as a rube, and they want to take her money as she seeks confirmation of conspiracy theories, at this point it might be worthwhile to point out that her opponent, current District 9 State Senator Deb Peters, is also raising money herself. Although, her fundraising isn’t being investigated by KELO.

Senator Peters is  having a fundraiser on Thursday April 28th at the Market in Sioux Falls.  I don’t think you’ll see aliens or bigfoot there. But Deb will tell you what she’s been working on in the legislature.

That’s the best way to deal with Lora.

16 Replies to “Lora Hubbel campaign letter investigated by KELO as scam, as the worst items of your facebook feed run for office.”

  1. Chris Madsen

    Wow! Another one for the things you just can’t make up file.

    It’s also pretty sad commentary on the state of our platinum level super intrepid hard hitting Pulitzer Prize material investigative journalism epicenter (that’s sarcasm, BTW) when they have run out of other muck to rake and have to turn their attention to Lora Hubbel and her latest Conspiracy du Jour. On the other hand, maybe Angela K is not happy to see Lora invading her turf on the tragic events in Platte.

  2. Anonymous

    I usually don’t agree with Lora but on her thought that the state shouldn’t investigate it self, I would tend to agree. Although I believe the AG’s office can investigate it effectively, if the FBI or US Atty’s office would look into it that would tend to put a stop to the conspiracy theories. I believe that whenever there is an officer involved shooting which leads to a death, the state DCI investigates it so there is no cover up, or the appearance of one.

  3. Anonymous

    What a choice for the voters: Peters masquerading as a Republican and Hubbel masquerading as a sane person.

    1. Anonymous

      The reason Peters runs as a Republican is that’s the only way she can get elected, then she gets to Pierre and out-liberals the Democrats. Folks in that district would be much better off with Loony Lora. At least she votes right!

  4. MC

    I have to wonder, if she really believes this stuff, or is she using it to attract attention. More often than not local elections are won by who knows your name, not so much as your politics.

      1. grudznick

        Are her eyes as pretty as they look in the pictures or do you see a vacuous insanity in there?

  5. Anonymous

    Can Loony Lora be prosecuted if she is using this to scam money for a bogus PI to get campaign funds?

    1. MC

      I believe her election committee can spend those funds on just about anything they want, except another candidate.

  6. Troy Jones

    Let’s just imagine all of her assertions (or at least a majority) aren’t rants but actually factual or otherwise provide an opportunity for discussion of something that needs to be discussed. Think Mel Gibson’s “Conspiracy Theory.”


    1) Is the discussion served when the “fact” or issue discussed is presented without context and in full “conspiracy” mode? Socrates advanced the strategy of changing people’s minds through a series of questions which allows the other’s reasoning to reach the same conclusion. Isn’t that the real definition of “conversion” where they change internally?

    2) Has anyone changed their mind when hearing a view that is contrary to their current position and say “I don’t accept your view” and the other says “Then, you are a part of the establishment cronies!”

    My point: Right or wrong, crazy or sane, Lora Hubbel expects us to crawl into her head and look at the world through her eyes. In case it isn’t clear, we are individuals given our own head and eyes with which to see the world.

    1. MC

      There are some places I just won’t go.

      I am willing to listen to her theories, her ideas, and even her arguments and base an opinion on what I already know.

      I will not crawl inside her head (Ewwe) and look through her eyes.

      1. Anonymous

        “I am willing to listen to her theories, her ideas, and even her arguments and base an opinion on what I already know.”

        MC, Be prepared to spend a few weeks with her then to go thru all the conspiracies in great detail. You would have the patience of a Saint then. 🙂

  7. MK

    District 9 election will be fun to watch. I would put money on Lora because as many stated, people don’t look into policies. I too understand a politician pretending to be Republican, one does it in District 14. Well written article, I giggled a lot!