Lora Hubbel continues to claim she’s running for Governor.

Former Independent/Constitution Party Member/Republican Lora Hubbel is back at it again and posted this video to social media yesterday, claiming she’s going to be running for Governor.

I notice she’s noncommittal about what party, but by gosh, she’s running.

(We’ll see if she can raise more than $100 this time.)

And whether she can get on the ballot, unlike the last time she tried. Getting on the ballot usually helps.

3 thoughts on “Lora Hubbel continues to claim she’s running for Governor.”

  1. While I as a Republican think someone should primary Noem it is not Lora Hubbel.

    Didn’t she only get 18% against Daugaard in his re-elect campaign?

  2. Young Ms. Hubbel is right that she cleans up nice. But it is the prettiest ones, like Ms. Hubbel, who are the insanest of them all. grudznick predicts great amusement from Ms. Hubbel’s bat-shit insanerisms to come.

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