Lora Hubbel has petitions out for State Senate. If the Chemtrails don’t get her first.

After running against the GOP in the last election, it sounds like the Hubbel-craft is getting ready to take off once again. That is, if the chemtrail conspiracy doesn’t get her first.


The funny thing is, she’d been out recruiting for a candidate to take on Deb Peters, but a couple who were asked had no idea why they’d want to run against Deb.

So, like taking on the Mark of the Beast RFID chips and chemtrails, Lora is making less sense. Once again.

10 Replies to “Lora Hubbel has petitions out for State Senate. If the Chemtrails don’t get her first.”

  1. Anonymous

    Nutjobs on the right and then there are the nutjobs on the left calling for the nuking of Isreal. Good grief!

  2. El Rayo X

    What’s your minimum order for bumper stickers? I would really like a DISTRICT 9 PRAWNS FOR HUBBEL bumper sticker on my space craft.

  3. Anonymous

    Great news! Liberal icon Deb Peters will have to justify her liberalism to GOP voters in June!

  4. Anonymous

    Wow, talk about the lesser of two evils! Pro-choice Peters supported Medicaid expansion, wanted to get herself a big raise and have us pay for her dry cleaning. Is there anyone behind door number three?

  5. Anonymous

    Deb Peters is a Rino if there ever was one Pat. She voted against HB1008 on her teenagers counsel. She voted for the tax increase. She does not stand for republican values or morals.

  6. grudznick

    I have heard Ms. Peters is meaner than the dickens and that Ms. Hubbel is nice as pie, but you need to go with the one who is not insaner than most on that one.