Lora Hubbel leaves Republican party (again), and joins Constitution party.

The Hubbelcraft has apparently left the Republican mothership once again, and dropped on an alien planet. I’m guessing the Hubbel rule is going to be invoked again, and she’s going to be removed from that precinct committeewoman seat. Again.


Read it here.

I’m guessing she’s running for PUC for “not the Republican Party” this time out.

14 Replies to “Lora Hubbel leaves Republican party (again), and joins Constitution party.”

  1. MC

    How many times can she leave the party, come back, leave, come back again, just to leave, before the party says, pick a side and stay there?

    1. Anonymous

      Is there a federal or state law that limits the number of times an individual can switch parties?

  2. fretwalker

    The Constitution party believes that the United States is a Christian state founded on the basis of the Bible and that jurisprudence should be restored to what the party claims is its “Biblical foundations—- Sounds like all conservatives should join..

  3. Mark N.

    Maybe she just really likes going to state party conventions. She was a delegate at the GOP convention. Now she’s going to the Constitution party convention. When’s the Libertarian convention? Maybe she’ll go to that one too.

  4. Lee Schoenbeck

    Inquiring minds want to know. Does this make her the poster child of the RINOs?

    1. Anonymous

      RINO==Republican in Name Only….she doesn’t even meet that definition. 🙂

      1. Anonymous

        Has the Hubblecraft run as a Libertarian yet? What’s next Green Party? Constitutional Party has all the conspiracy theories. Reading their facebook and pages are like like reading the National Enquirer.