Lori Stacey running for Congress. Will we be running from her?

Lori Stacey, former Constitution Party candidate for Secretary of State has now thrown her name into the ring to run for Congress.

lori staceyThroughout my life, I have acquired over 30 years of work experience in a variety of industries and in various types of positions. Currently, I am working full-time for a trucking company in Sioux Falls in addition to being a conservative political news writer for both the Sioux Falls and Washington, DC editions of Examiner.com. I am currently serving as the State Chairwoman for the Constitution Party of South Dakota. On the weekends, I enjoy hosting a thought-provoking political news talk show via internet radio.

Today, I would like to serve the people of South Dakota as your voice on Capitol Hill. A voice that echoes your concerns, stands-up to defend our constitution (even when the cameras are turned off), protects the individual liberties God has given us and fights for justice in an age of tremendous corruption………….Even if I must stand-up alone!

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Unfortunately, if you’ve ever read her columns at examiner.com, you’ll quickly suspect that she may have a screw loose.

USDA notifies all states. Food stamps are suspended starting in November

On the heals of the strange “computer glitch” over the weekend that cut-off food stamp benefits to recipients in 17 states, many people have wondered if this may have been a precursor to a possible nationwide shutdown of all EBT cards.

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Is Ted Cruz planned to become the 1st President of a North American Union?

Despite all the absurd analysis being touted in the mainstream by many so-called “experts” Ted Cruz is no more a natural born citizen of the United States than a man born on the moon. So why is this shooting star that appeared suddenly out of the abyss being pushed so hard to become the next political savior of America? The only thing that his background and connections would be perfectly set-up for as a born Canadian of Cuban decent (most likely fluent in Spanish due to his father’s heritage) would perhaps be President of a new North American Union.

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Was the internet created for the purpose of surveillance?

It is apparent that we all have been lied to about so many things that maybe it is time deep thinkers start asking some tougher questions.


Was the internet’s very creation originally intended to be an easier way to eavesdrop on our communications that would far outweigh the ability to ever be able to open everyone’s envelopes going through the postal service?

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Proposed South Dakota federal land grab is part of a much larger plan

An incremental long-term plan to eventually eliminate all private property rights in the United States can possibly be traced all the way back prior to the “official” creation of the United Nations itself.

Read that here.

And read the rest of all the crazy fringe here.

Seriously? This is starting to seem like the election when things just plain ran off the rails.

So, another looney enters the fray. Lori Stacey running for Congress. Will we be running from her?

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  1. Anon

    Is there something in the water? A birth certificate scandal for Ted Cruz, Chinese mafia, weather control… where does it end? Stace thinks he’s the only Republican in the Legislature. Boz doesn’t pay her people and lives in some world where she thinks she is a great candidate. Robinson returns from DC to run. Hubbelcraft jumping in. Curtis Strong running. Now Stacy. Holy cow. Has anyone heard from Volesky lately — I thought he was running against Weiland?


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