Lost in translation

Before being found guilty by the ethics committee, Charles Rangel stated that he was “as clean as the driven snow”.

Maybe it is different in D.C., but where I live this is what we consider snow that has been driven.

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  1. anoonymous

    Rangle is a slime ball, but let’s not pretend you don’t have equally bad actors on the right.

    BTW, the phrase refers to snow driven by the wind, not by goodyears.

  2. Anonymous

    I have seen some pretty dirty ‘wind driven’ snow especially when one would drive by a tilled field and look at the drifts in the ditches.

  3. Dave R

    The reason I come to South Dakota War College is for political, policy, and goernment talk and news having to do with South Dakota. I was afraid that when Pat left, the temptation to talk about national news and politics would take the blog in that direction. There are thousands of blogs about national news and politics, SDWC was one of few blogs where one could get South Dakota stuff. I am afraid SDWC is losing its direction.

  4. MikeH

    Sorry, Dave.
    It was just a image that popped in my head when I saw this headline. No matter how you slice it, this guy is dirty.

    I was well aware of what the phrase was supposed to mean – but thanks to anoonymous for explaining it to me all the same.

    Aside from the budget (which has been covered a few times) and rumors on who may / may not be loosing their jobs, there isn’t a lot going on at the state level until the transition takes place. Usually I am all for a good rumor, but when it comes to someone becoming unemployed – well I am not willing to play that game just yet. So, please bear with a little national level humor in the mean while.

    I will try harder for you in the future.

  5. Dave R

    Thanks Mike. I don’t want to be a jerk about it, and I can see that there is not much going on in SD politics right now.

  6. MikeH

    You aren’t a jerk. No worries.

    Thanks for the feedback though. Jumping into this is tougher than it looks. I am use to discussing politics with friends that are mostly like minded. It is hard coming up with something to write, only to keep checking to see if someone likes it, hates it, or is calling you obscene names.

  7. MikeH

    Also, Dave, not sure if you read the linked story, but it is a good read if you are interested in national politics. It really shows how this guy is a master at gaming the system. After begging for his day in court, Rangel now gets to complain that he never even got to be heard nor represented in the hearing that found him guilty. He is an evil genius.

  8. Troy Jones


    I agree the SDWC has been a great source of insider SD political conversation and debate of the issues. How many times do you think someone in Pierre said “How did he get this information and so quickly?”

    And, to some degree the transition will have growing pains. The new SDWC team will have to re-establish themselves as both a force to be dealt with and someone its sources can trust.

    Nothing much is happening now in South Dakota politics. The test will be during the legislature.

  9. Les

    Too many posts.

    Good topics get lost in the chase.

    Stay on track and dig for SD stories or info on the stories being debated here.

  10. MC

    Les, there are things happening at the national level that affect in us in South Dakota. I try to choice topics of interest, or at least spark some debate.

    Of Course, we could always write about how the Minnehaha county highway department is not taking care of the some of the bridges on some of the township roads.

  11. Arrowhead

    Here are some ideas.

    Interview each of the constitutional candidates with a Q & A session.

    Steve Barnett
    Jason Gant
    Rich Sattgast
    Marty Jackley

    Find out who they are going to hire as Deputies and see how they see the office as different from the previous official.

    2. Go out and create a list of people who could run for PUC in 2012. The last remaining Dem seat for state statewide office.

    3. Create a top ten list of up and coming legislators and constitutional candidates that have the potential to make big gains in politics.

  12. Arrowhead

    I would like to know more about the constitutional officers and what their staff make up will be.

    I would also like to see more about Noem’s.

  13. Les

    MC, I see you don’t handle criticism well, even when it is meant to help you keep me on as a consistent reader/poster.

    I do not mind national level posts.

    Too many posts can push a good issue to page 2 where many will not go unless they’ve been watching it develop.

  14. DDC

    Comment by Les on November 17, 2010 @ 3:03 pm

    Too many posts.

    Good topics get lost in the chase.

    Stay on track and dig for SD stories or info on the stories being debated here.

    I agree. If you don’t sit by the computer all day, you’ll come on and see 4-5 new posts in between breakfast & dinner. Way too much to digest and try to discuss.

    I suspect that it will slow down after a few weeks, though. Everyone will get into their groove and figure out what is worth posting and what not.

  15. feasant

    Great stuff! Rangl is a crook and should be tossed out on his head. If anyone in Congress has any moral fiber they would vote to give him the boot.


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