Lt. Gov Matt Michels hasn’t ruled out a run. But, that’s a lot of campaign to put together

From the Yankton Press and Dakotan, Yankton resident and Lt. Governor Matt Michels actually IS thinking about a run for the big chair. But even he admits the clock is running out on getting in:

michels bookerWhen it comes to his political future, Lt. Gov. Matt Michels finds himself racing against the clock.

The Yankton attorney says he must decide soon whether to run for governor in 2018, even though more than two years remain on his term.

“I need to make a decision in two months, maybe within a month,” he told the Press & Dakotan. “I don’t like making a decision 2 1/2 years ahead of the election, but that’s just the way it is.”

Michels cited two major factors forcing an early decision: the process of organizing a campaign, and other candidates already positioning themselves for a gubernatorial run.

“You just need a lot of time to put an organization together,” he said. “And we still have to get through another legislative session (in 2017).”

Read that all here.

And as Matt Michels realizes, there’s a finite number of resources available to put a winning campaign together, as well as a finite number of competent people available to assemble into a winning organization.

There are volunteers, donors and staffers coalescing around Marty Jackley and Mark Mickelson already. Congresswoman Kristi Noem would come in with a team battle hardened and ready to go from having to do it all over again every two years.

Matt’s challenge would be to start building that nucleus and put together a team when many possible people in his current Daugaard heavy universe would already be gravitating towards Mark Mickelson, given the status of Linda Mickelson Graham as the Governor’s campaign treasurer.

If he was looking to party regulars, Marty Jackley already has a strong relationship with party maven and political regular Jason Glodt, as well as many others who Jackley has cultivated relationships with.

Lacking a staff of seasoned campaign veterans can happen. This last election cycle, US Senate Candidate Stace Nelson lamented to one seasoned political veteran who he had tried to recruit (but turned him down) that “all of the good ones are taken,” leaving him to try to assemble a campaign team without the benefit of anyone with statewide experience. Which showed in several campaign missteps.

I suspect that the Lt Governor would ultimately be able to find people to join his cause, simply for the reason that the affable Michels is one of the nicest people you’d ever want to know. He’s a good guy in a profession that has many practitioners with very sharp elbows.

And sometimes, that’s enough.

31 Replies to “Lt. Gov Matt Michels hasn’t ruled out a run. But, that’s a lot of campaign to put together”

    1. Anonymous

      If you have listened to Mickelson and Jackley then you are left wanting more. Michels knows what he is doing and he would easily be able to compete. I’d put him as the front runner.

  1. annonymous

    MM has served as Speaker of the House and Lt. and has connections across the state if he gets in I think this becomes a dog fight.

  2. Anon.

    Too bad Micheals has the residue of the DD administration on him. He very well may be a nice guy and all but the served under a person I would not support again. I hope Marty and Mark are better. Matt in my opinion, should wait things out and come back under his own star, distancing himself from DD.

    1. Anonymous

      Daugaard has tainted Seward and Michels with his liberalism. Seward is done. Michels has life yet in politics. I wouldn’t bet against him.

    2. anon1

      HA!! You obviously are out of touch… If Daugaard could run again, he’d still get 60-70% of the votes… I can’t imagine a better set of coattails to ride on!

      1. Anon

        I’d argue you’re the one out of touch. Daugaard was reelected with 70+% as the strong fiscal conservative, no tax increases governor. Since reelection he’s raised taxes twice and is looking to expand Medicare. It’s almost like he’s a different person.

  3. Anon

    I would take Kristi, Mark, or Marty before Matt. I would actually take a number of other leaders before Matt – Corey Brown for instance. MM is a nice guy but wouldn’t be the best option for Governor.

    1. Anonymous

      Marty would be the best. Good guy.

      Brown has burned too many bridges in the past two years.

  4. SDGOPer

    Politics aside, Michels has about 10x the personality and charisma as Jackley and Mickelson COMBINED. Both of those two are as about as dull as can be and really struggle to connect with the average voter. Michels just oozes charisma. It would definitely be an advantage for him in a close primary.

  5. anon

    I agree that MM oozes charisma and Marty and Mark are both dull. Marty should step aside he will be a distraction with his handeling of EB5 and gear-up.

    1. Anonymous

      The problem for Mark and Marty is that they are not good candidates. If Marty wouldn’t have been appointed by Mike Rounds he probably wouldn’t have ever won the nomination. (I don’t know if he knows how to campaign to this day. Handed the nomination unopposed at conventions, Volesky in ’10 and Haber in ’14). Mickelson is equally bad as a candidate. His dad was governor so all the rich people give him money. If his name was smith and he wanted to run for governor they would vet him and realize he was as dull or duller than 90 other legislators and not a good statewide candidate. If his name was smith he would have competition for speaker and everyone wouldn’t roll over.

      Michels earned it. Noem (I would not support) earned it.

      I don’t want anymore Mickelson and Venhuizen’s at the top who get it easy, are born into it or marry into it in state government.

      Earn it.

  6. delegate

    Marty has been throwing legislators under the bus on conflict legislation and the Gov’s office recently said “the wheels of justice turn slowly” referring to Marty’s pace for bringing charges, he has no friends left in the Capitol.

  7. Troy Jones

    OK, I get that because Marty has run statewide a few times, one could form an opinion about Marty’s campaign skills but I am at a loss on how one could categorically assess Mark. Also, candidates rise up to the conditions demanded of them. It’s not like Marty has faced tough opponents (which isn’t his fault)

    1). He hasn’t really been on the stump for very long and many places.

    2). I can’t think of a single person who popped out of the chute fully developed, whether it be a baby, CEO, or candidate.

    3). It is over two years before a choice will be made. Whether it be a two-person, three-person, or now maybe four-person race, the candidate who wins has to rise to the challenge. Speculating on who can’t rise to the occasion is like picking the Super Bowl winner in two years. At best, a crap shoot.

    As of now, Mark has proven he can raise money, is working hard to be a serious candidate. At this stage, this is job one. Let’s see how he does over the next few years (both in the legislature and on the stump) before jumping to conclusions.

    1. Anon

      Well since Mark has been at pretty much every Lincoln Day Dinner for the past year those of us that have been to a few can access how he’s doing so far. And the point above is that Michels has natural charisma whether he’s campaigning or not. Mark can certainly improve as a candidate over the next 2 years but it’s not natural for him the way it is for Matt.

    2. Anonymous

      Have you seen him speak? I would suggest you go to an event he is speaking at and if you are still awake afterwards then you like the guy.

  8. delegate

    I agree with Earn It I would like to see Noem or MM elected to Governor both would be great.