LTE chastises Stace Nelson for ‘offensive and childish’ behavior.

From the Mitchell Daily Republic comes a letter to the editor – the Sunday before the election – scolding State Senate candidate Stace Nelson for his attacks on outgoing State Senator Bill Van Gerpen:

I believe District 19 voters remember, as I do, Mr. Nelson’s refusal to support the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate after he was soundly defeated. I believe they remember how offensive and childish he acted while representing us. His comments in various newspapers, brochure and postcard mailings are a lot of hot air with no substance. Stace is for Stace, not District 19 voters.

Bill Hoffman

Read it all here.

7 Replies to “LTE chastises Stace Nelson for ‘offensive and childish’ behavior.”

  1. Anonymous

    Stace will vote against Medicaid expansion. All of Daugaard’s picks can be counted on to vote for it.
    What else matters?

    1. Anonymous

      Whatever, Stace. Do you have proof your opponent will, or is it just another attack line?

  2. Anonymous

    I like the part where Bill Van Gerpen I mean “Bill Hoffman” writes how he was against the tax increase but voted for it so his fellow “Republicans” could pass it in the senate wth the Democrats, but he was really against it while he was voting for it.

  3. Former SF Voter

    Nelson turned the GOP caucus against each other when he was in the legislature. He turned primary voters against each other. Now he’s turning his own GOP district voters against each other. He’s a bid dumb animal isn’t he folks?

    His kind of rhetoric only goes so far and I believe the voters of District 19 are getting tired of his words that are never backed up by action or coalition building. Followers of Stace nelson get lead into battle and slaughtered because he’s a buffoon with a tiny army of weak followers. He can’t build a coalition to get anything done. Hes a buffoon.

    1. Anonymous

      We don’t need anymore of that conservative talk in the SD GOP, we have our new tax and spend LGBT proabortion Republicans to lead the way.