Lucas practicing for the future?

Ag Secretary Lucas Lentsch is walking the parade and talking about ag to the crowd.

Practicing for a future campaign perhaps?


13 Replies to “Lucas practicing for the future?”

  1. grudznick

    Mr. Munsterman seems far too young to not be walking the pavements with the rest of them. Wasn’t Mr. Hawley there in his own town at the parade?

  2. Anonymous

    Dusty used some classless language at the governors hunt banquet to refer to orifices.

    That’s one thing I’ve always liked about Lucas is he keeps it classy and mature. Next year he or Seward should run the show.

    1. Anonymous

      What were Dusty’s classless comments? This is the second post on this topic. We want details please!

      1. Anonymous

        The crowd seemed to think they were really funny. He poked fun at the Lt Gov, Larry Pressler, the mayor, Jeff Erickson. Standard roast stuff.

        1. Anonymous

          I heard Dusty say “Now that we’ve seen Mayor Huether’s colonoscopy, Steve Westra is no longer the biggest butthole in Sioux Falls” That’s not standard “roast” material. It is indeed classless, immature and offensive.

          1. Anonymous

            Why slam Steve Westra?

            How would DJ feel if we were all slamming him?

            The art of being funny and still likable is hard. Being funny and a jerk or crude is easy. No one who is a guest at an event like that should leave feeling belittled.

            Disappointed in the top office in sd after reading this stuff. Lets make SD look good.