Mega Millions mega debt

In order to put the Mega Millions $640 million lottery jackpot into perspective, USA Today used this helpful illustration that indicates the US government spends the equivalent of $640 million in 1 hour and 29 minutes. Poof! There goes another half billion.

3 Replies to “Mega Millions mega debt”

  1. Arrowhead

    As much as I want 600 million dollars I can’t imagine how many people come out of the woodwork to ask for a slice.

    I know I have some family members who would always want money.

  2. toga

    Just thinking out loud but does Obama allow lotteries in socialized countries?

    I wonder how that would effect his reelection.

    1. Boy Genius

      What Obama would allow is 1 person to win and get the satisfaction of having his/her name called out BUT he would also then tell the winner that every person in America gets an equal share in the victory.

      That way everyone would get $1 and get to join in on the fun!


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