Man files Tennessee based Statement of Candidacy to run as Republican in South Dakota Congressional race?

An odd filing has been made in the past week with the Federal Elections Commission where a man, Eric Terrell, (Brand New?) has filed to run as a Republican in the US House race, while claiming a Knoxville Tennessee address on his campaign finance form:

I’ve been around the track a time or two, and I have to say, I’ve never stumbled across Mr. Terrell. I checked with the SDGOP, and this one is a mystery to them as well.

I did look up his campaign address – of 714 South Gay Street in Knoxville,Tennessee, Suite 201… and I’m not sure I’d call it a ‘suite’ or ‘sweet,’ given the boarded up windows of the neighbor, as it looks like a rough part of town, and not a hub of campaign activity.  But, that’s where this supposed Republican hopeful campaign is claiming as his current mailing address.

Investigating it further, I did note on facebook that there is a Rapid City man who goes by Eric Terrell on facebook who seems to be part of an organization called “Brand New Congress.”

This group may correspond to the odd “Brand New” under the name position of the Statement of Candidacy:

The Brand New Congress Group is launching a national campaign effort to recruit 400 candidates across the country to promote their goals, which are as follows:

“Brand New Congress is a campaign to run 400+ non-politician candidates for Congress in 2018 in one unified campaign behind one plan to rebuild the economy, repair our communities and radically reform our institutions.”

Read that here.

This promotional material for Brand New Congress is all over Mr. Terrell’s Facebook page, so we might safely assume that he’s one of the 400+ hopefuls participating in this process.

Of course, he also has material such as this…

Sooo….. I’m not sure how well he might fare among the red meat conservatives that make up the SDGOP’s primary electorate.

I have a note into him asking about his candidacy as a Republican running for Congress, so when I hear more, you’ll hear more.

Until then, stay tuned.

5 Replies to “Man files Tennessee based Statement of Candidacy to run as Republican in South Dakota Congressional race?”

  1. Dave R

    Brand New Congress is a Bernie Sanders led push to take congress from the Republicans and of course to keep the gravy train running for ol’ Bernie “Never had a real job in his life and got kicked off a commune for being lazy” Sanders. They have had organizational meetings in Sioux Falls.

    My (older) voter records show one Eric Terrell in South Dakota. a registered Democrat in Rapid City. I will find out if he re-registered. In any case, this is Democrat shenanigans.

  2. C. Ermle

    He is not a Democrat and there is nothing “Democrat” about him. He’s a progressive Republican. Times they are a’changing. Wow.

  3. Springer

    So now instead of just open borders between Mexico and others, the left is pushing for open borders between states where candidates can run for an office in any state they want without being a resident? Well, I guess Hillary already did this when she ran for Senate in New York, but it is wrong. If the “progressive GOP” or the “liberal Dems” can’t find a candidate from our own state to run, then just maybe what they are pushing is not what South Dakotan’s want.

  4. Anonymous

    Nelson/Terrell for Gov/Lieutenant? A dream ticket!

    See, I’m being clever like that poster who keeps pushing “Hubbel/Ravnsborg”. Note, however, that I can spell the names correctly.


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