Mandatory Northern State University diversity seminars for faculty scheduled for next week.

After yesterday’s bombshell where incoming USD Law school students had to go to a seminar which encouraged non “minitorized” voices to consider whether or not they are “taking up space”, we’re finding that USD isn’t the only place where diversity coordinators are promoting this kind of thing to justify the $5.9 million annually that Board of Regents have budgeted for them.

Today’s tidbit of liberal indoctrination comes from Northern State University where next week all new and returning faculty members get to learn about grants, faculty travel, teaching with technology… and spend half a day on mandatory diversity seminars.

NSU 2019 in-Service Final 8-9-19 by Pat Powers on Scribd

Interestingly, I don’t see a mention about anything faculty being given information such as supporting students with disabilities or other actual challenges they may meet as faculty members, such as maintaining a safe campus, or other tidbits of worthwhile information that they could use on a daily basis.

But, NSU is all about requiring all new and returning faculty members to attend seminars where they are required to be instructed on “promoting an inclusive campus” and “awareness and information about the LGBTQIA+ community.

When legislators raise the topic of liberal indoctrination on our University campuses, it’s worthwhile bringing up that it appears that they aren’t just isolated incidents. It comes from the top down as diversity offices try to justify their existence.

The liberal indoctrination of our university campuses will now continue.

19 Replies to “Mandatory Northern State University diversity seminars for faculty scheduled for next week.”

  1. Michael L. Wyland

    “ALICE Training” – not sure what other meanings the term has, but ALICE is a United Way term describing the working poor. “Asset-limited, income-constrained, employed.”

    1. duggersd

      This training is for an active shooter situation. The training can be pretty intense. When we did it last year at Aberdeen, students had to blockade the door and hide in the room and keep quiet while someone attempted to get into the doors.

    1. Anonymous

      I found this breakdown. lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (or questioning), intersex, and asexual (or allies).

  2. Mike cranny

    This is a perfect example of a bureaucracy run amok. They try to justify their existence by creating work and forcing solutions to basically non-existent problems. The money should be used for education, or better yet not spent at all. This is also a reason administrative costs have increased dramatically at colleges, and it’s the students who are ultimately paying for this in the form of tuition.

  3. Brown County Guy Sick of the BS

    are LGBTQIA+ voices part of minoritized space or just regular space?

    Seriously, what the hell are the Regents doing??! I thought they were going to fix this garbage. That’s what they always tell us in Pierre every year, guess they just lie, we need to put them under oath next winter

    1. Anonymous

      Do you have an issue with LGBTQIA? How should someone who is a student, faculty, guest speaker or employee be treated that happens to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (or questioning), intersex, and asexual (or allies)?

      A situation could happen in a class that is disruptive, it could be a student that is working with their advisor or a number of other situations. It’s all about education right?

      1. Anonymous

        “A situation could happen in a class that is disruptive”

        Because a professor can’t handle a disruption without knowing a student’s sexual preference?

        This is why people wonder what has happened to our country.

        1. Anonymous

          Who cares what their sexual preference is. They are a students and there to learn as well as the rest of them.

  4. Springer

    They should be treated just like someone who is straight, white, black, brown, or purple. No differently, and adults (at least this is what we should be dealing with in colleges) should understand this without my tax dollars to “instruct” them. This is past stupidity.

  5. Also tired of this

    Getting sick of the lgbtqxyz to infinity add another letter pushing their sexuality.. I agree just learn and don’t feel like you need to be coddled for who you are interested in sexually

    1. Anonymous

      I don’t believe they are looking to get coddled. Most likely just be treated like anyone else with an opportunity to learn, thrive and prosper. Not get singled out, harassed, and worry about their safety.

    2. Ska sunka

      Until they get physically threatened on campus or in the community by mouth-breathing a-holes.

  6. Spencer

    The irony in this training is that singling out a group of people and obsessing over them is likely to create as many problems as it solves. The problem I hear more frequently from teachers is not what to do about transitioning but what to do about a student who uses the special attention or status to their advantage to bully and harass other students. It is a problem that goes both ways, and trainings like this are usually mute on that reality; therefore, their idealistic view of the world does not tend to be very helpful in an education setting that is rarely black and white when dealing with these kinds of situations. I am guessing looking at a the faculty sponsoring the sensitivity training that sexuality is a major obsession for NSU’s sociology department, rather than making students employable and productive citizens.

  7. Ymous

    I don’t get this need by academia and the left to continually divide us. People go there to learn. That’s it. If bigotry tears it’s head. Deal with it. But wasting time and resources on this is beyond common sense.
    Creating a solution with no problem. Looking for money from the state and students for indoctrination.