Mark Mickelson featured in Rapid City Journal; “Certainly Interested” in 2018 Gov race.

State Representative Mark Mickelson joined Attorney General Marty Jackley this weekend in the “candidate club” as he publicly states in the media that he is actively in the hunt for the 2018 GOP nomination for Governor:

Journal: Why are you interested in running for governor now and what would be your agenda be if elected?

Mickelson: I’m certainly interested in that position. I do have another election in November. (I want to) move South Dakota forward, helping private enterprise and partnering with the private sector to make sure that we in the government are doing everything that we can do to create opportunities for our children to stay here.

Read the entire story here.

This comes on the heels of Marty Jackley recently noting he’s in the race.

2018 is becoming interesting already. (Potentially more interesting than the two top of the ticket races in 2016, which are practically over already, given the lackluster Dems in the race.)

9 Replies to “Mark Mickelson featured in Rapid City Journal; “Certainly Interested” in 2018 Gov race.”

  1. Anonymous

    I read them both. Right now I’m with Jackley but he is running a weak operation and most legislators I talk to feel like he’s throwing them under the bus on conflict legislation- where was he they ask. Mickelson is running a strong operation but I suspect he’s a big liberal.

    A third option would be nice.

  2. Anonymous

    Marty has run statewide. That helps but it’s not the same as running for gov, congress. He appears to be much more conservative (than Mickelson) and more accomplished (than Noem). He’s also likable. The primary voter can lean towards him if he does this right.

    Mickelson has fame, fortune and SF tacked. He is also appears strong on econ/jobs. But, we’re seeing similar types get trounced in other primaries around the country. Not sure fame and fortune helps in a SD primary against someone equally likable and more conservative.

    Noem is the wildcard. Voters like her (I think) and she has a record of political success (2010 wave credited) but how do the other two point out her policy record? And if Herseth runs what’s that matchup look like? There could be two huge issues/concerns for the would-be candidate…and especially the voters.

    1. Anonymous

      I feel like Mark and Marty are the Dave Knudson’s of 2018. They might have the money but they don’t connect very often with voters. Mark is definitely the Jeb Bush of 2018. Marty has me holding out a little hope.

      Noem wins big if she runs. I used to think she wouldn’t have a chance.

    2. Anonymous

      A big problem for Mickelson is he’s Jeb Bush 2.0. He’ll do well with the moderates in Sioux Falls and the east side of the state. He’ll struggle west river and with conservatives.

      A problem for Marty Jackley is that he’s never really had to earn anything politically. He’s been appointed because he’s really good at being an attorney. It’s one thing to be great at a job and another to be good at getting elected. I have big doubts about his political skills and I don’t believe he has surrounded himself with knowledgable people.

      In their own ways I think they both would be good governor’s. I don’t really know how either of them get there if a better politician runs – because neither of them are very good on the stump or the trail.

  3. Anonymous

    Mark is already running a better campaign than Marty. Marty sounds like a whiner in every interview he does.

    1. Anonymous

      With the new CAFOs South Dakota will see new economic development, strengthen out value added agriculture by keeping more of those dollars in the state, keep more of our youth in the state and help our smaller communities.