Mark Mickelson launches new website for D13 Race. Is Governor far behind?

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As he continues to be noticed as one of the top two or three candidates for the office of Governor, State Representative, and anticipated Speaker of the House Mark Mickelson has launched a new website for his District 13 House Race, albeit one he is handily expected to win as he and fellow Republican Steve Westra face token opposition from the Democrats for District 13 State House, James Eckhoff & Ellee Spawn.

I suspect it’s not going to garner much statewide attention at this point. But just wait 6 – 8 months until the players for the 2018 Gubernatorial contest fire their machines up, and put things in gear. I suspect we’ll see a lot more activity.

Go check it out here.

15 Replies to “Mark Mickelson launches new website for D13 Race. Is Governor far behind?”

  1. Anonymous

    For a guy who has never run a statewide campaign he sure is polished. Jackley has run two statewide campaigns and he is not at this guys mastery skillset yet. If I were the Jackley supporters I’d be nervous about this 6 foot 4 inch 800lbs gorilla in the room.

    1. Anonymous

      Umm… I’ve heard that gorilla in the room is over 6’6″ tall.

      Yes. I’d be worried too.

    1. Anonymous

      His picture looks like a Harvard graduate version of Roger Moore as James Bond just before or after hitting the slopes to vanquish the Russians and making out with some Swedish damsel in need of rescuing.

      This election is his to lose.

  2. Anonymous

    Nice guy, he’s a moderate Republican at best and his ties to Daugaard won’t win him any votes.

    Jackley’s got a huge gorilla on his back with all the corruption during his watch.

    Curious how things will pan out depending on who they indicate will be their Lt Gov choices.

    Mickelson needs a solid conservative to boost his appeal.

    1. Anonymous

      Jackley is a Rounds guy. Just watch who starts to help him when he is running. It will be the Rounds for Senate and Governor team.

  3. Anonymous

    Michelson is simply another ne’er do well GenXer riding on the coattails of a Baby Boom father. Pathetic really.

  4. Anonymous

    Who is editing his website?
    -Chair of the House Judiciary Community.
    -Even when do it all right, some fall through the cracks.
    Dangling modifiers and grammatical errors galore!
    Beyond those mistakes, it is completely void of any real content.
    Someone real please, please run!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    I knew George, and Mark you are no George. Mark voted for all Daugaard’s tax increases and has agreed to keep Daugaard’s unemployable son in law on the state’s payroll. That screams liberal.

  6. Anonymous

    Jajckley is Round’s guy. SO if you thought Rounds management of our state’s financial affairs was good you are going to love Jackley.