Mark Mowry Pre-Primary FEC Report: $4k raised, $7k spent, $1.4k cash on hand, and $15k in debt

You almost have sympathy. Almost, until you realize it was all self-inflicted, and he was drinking the kool-aid of the anti-Thune nuts.

MarkMowry_preprimaryFEC by Pat Powers on Scribd

Mark Mowry raised $4265, against which he spent $6895.13. Which doesn’t seem very fiscally responsible.

He left himself with $1485.90, and $15,000 in debt.

Well, I could have told him how this was going to come out.

7 thoughts on “Mark Mowry Pre-Primary FEC Report: $4k raised, $7k spent, $1.4k cash on hand, and $15k in debt”

  1. Much better to be Anti-Do Nothing Daschle 2.0 Rhino Thune “nut” as you describe than someone who is too ignorant to see reality. Thune is all about getting re-elected not about South Dakota or what is best for America. What has he done??
    Gas Prices? Nothing
    Food Prices? Nothing
    Big Tech censorship? Nothing, except take money.
    J6 Prisoners? Nothing
    Border Security? Nothing
    Baby Formula? Nothing
    Election Security? Nothing. The 2020 election was secure?? Ha
    Time to get get rid of the Republican sewer rats….
    We need to clean up the SD Republican Party…

    1. Steve Munson there isn’t much of anything Republicans in the US senate can do right now.

      Had Trump been re-elected that would not be the case.
      I fault Thune for not doing more to support Trump’s re-election but that’s it

    2. I am so tired of hearing many people, including far too many people who say they are Republicans, crying about how the our Congressional delegation and government at large are not doing more to solve the problems in our nation. Do they not understand that government actions created most of these problems and that further government actions will in many cases cause further problems? Do they not understand that Senators Thune and Rounds and Congressman Johnson do not have magic wands that can create policies? Do they not realize that Thune, Rounds, and Johnson are in the minority in Congress?

      1. Don’t give me that crap. They were in the majority when Trump became president and didn’t do what the people wanted. GET RID OF OBAMACARE.

        I will vote for Thune but only because there is no other sane choice.

  2. He has no chance

    He has no money

    He has no ideas I really don’t know what he’s foor.

    I know he’s against Thune. I got that, but there are actually two candidates against Thune —splitting the anti-Thune vote only helps Thune

    1. I have yet to meet a single person who legitimately took Mark’s candidacy seriously. Getting on the ballot is indeed an accomplishment and kudos for him.

      How is Whalen’s campaign doing?

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