Marty Jackley at Veterans Day Events

Attorney General Marty Jackley was out in Rapid City yesterday for Veterans’ Day, both appearing in the parade, and giving a speech a a Veterans’ Day Event.


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    1. Emoluments Clause

      If Kristi loses and Shantel too, aren’t Republicans in South Dakota a little worried about a backlash, or indifference to their candidates for statewide office, by female voters in the fall given the current political climate and how especially urban/surburan female voters are trailing rather heavily Democratic right now?


  1. Anonymous

    Noem is in free fall and really angry with her advisers. She is considering dropping out and staying in congress if the tax plan fails.

  2. Troy Jones

    Personally, I think both candidates have run good prelim campaigns thus far as they concentrate on their day jobs. In about 90 days, they will start to step up the public aspect and 60 days after that (when legislature is over) they will be in a full sprint. The idea where they are today is hardly relevant as each of them set a different pace.

  3. Emoluments Clause

    Isn’t that the type of RV that qualifies you to vote in South Dakota?….. Cool!

    Kristi rides a bike into Sturgis, while Marty runs around in a RV. Hey, I guy has got to court the vote….


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