Marty Jackley In Brookings

i’ll have more of a report late this afternoon, but over the noon hour Attorney General Marty Jackley addressed a group of about 40 Brookings residents on a variety of topics, most notably his interest in running for governor.

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  1. Anonymous

    So we, the tax payers, are going to pay for this guy to campaign for Governor? It’s Tuesday afternoon at 3:00 and he’s having a meet and greet. He doing this when hours before he was supporting an ethics commission.

  2. Marty Capone

    The legislature needs to review his campaign events and his State reimbursement forms. If he has used tax dollars to travel to these events he needs to resign. The legislature should also review his state employee campaign manager Jeromy Pankratz reimbursement forms.

  3. William Beal

    When did the Attorney General’s job description become a Monday through Friday, 9a to 5p job?

    Seriously, does anyone really think our elected officials just sit in their offices 5 days a week (or that they’re supposed to)?

    1. Dave R

      I am sure Jackley puts in overtime every week. Part of being an elected official is that you do have to make time for voters. In addition to a full time job which is often overtime and takes your evenings and weekend, you have a second part time job being a candidate. This is not only understood, but part of the job.

      These recent comments criticizing Jackley for normal political activities are suspect.

    2. Anonymous

      Spoken like a true Obama supporter. If AG Jackley want to spend the rest of his time in office campaigning on tax payers dollars he has William Beal’s support. Mr. Beal resign as a republican delegate.

      1. dave u can't support this behavior

        And Dave R.’s a guy that until this statement I had much respect for. But come on Dave how can you support AG Jackley making campaign stops on a work day when he not invited by an organization to be a speaker…and charging it to the State. This isn’t right and you know it.

        1. William Beal



  4. Tired of Noem

    The Team Noem attack machine is already making me sick. She wants to be Governor so bad she will do anything to get elected. I would’t be surprised if Noem has a paid staffer whose job is to troll social media and attack Marty.

    1. Anon

      Do you honestly think all of the negative comments on here are coming directly from Noem’s staff? No doubt they’re likely supporters of Noem but you’re delusional if you think it is some kind of organized effort by her campaign

      1. Anonymous

        I’m not a Noem supporter I’m hoping Matt Michels gets in. But I think Marty has so real flaws and I’m pointing them out. Marty Capone would be one of the most heinous Governor South Dakota has ever seen.

  5. Marty on the ropes

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I’m a draft Matt Michels supporter. And I’ll say it again I’d love to see team Marty, Glodt and Pankratz continue to blame Noem’s team for the attacks. If you can’t change the facts change the subject.

  6. Anonymous

    I would be worried if I were Jackley. Noem is vicious and he can’t look like a woman basher. She will play the woman card well.
    I think they both need to stay off the campaign trail publicly for awhile; I’m already tired of them. If 22 can shut them up and keep them off the campaign trail and my mailbox for awhile, maybe I do like it.

  7. draft Matt Michels

    I call it the Jackley Journal. This guy puts out one and sometimes two press releases each day. At least we know Jeromy Pankratz is doing something for that $81,000 the tax payers spend for him to help AG Jackley.