Marty Jackley is officially in. Or at least his campaign finance filing is.

Marty Jackley Sdcf disclosure by Pat Powers on Scribd

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  1. Marty's Law

    He has the Marsy’s Law guy, Jason Glodt, listed as his Treasurer. This is going to cost Rapid City $116,000 just for the 4 new employees they now have to hire. Marty should have come out against this but once again he protected his friends.

    1. Consevative

      Glad to see Glodt on Team Jackley. The guy is a machine! He has run dominant ground games for the Thune v. Daschle race, Rounds for Governor, Daugaard for Governor, Rounds for Senate and most recently Marsy’s Law which the voters passed by a landslide even though the State Bar and establishment fought it. He has also been running legislative races for over a decade, including this last cycle where the GOP added 2 more senators and 2 more house members.

      1. Anonymous

        It is one thing to run a campaign for a heavy GOP favorite…win the primary and you generally win the general election….

        Ask the Thune people if they think he ran a good campaign for rounds int he general when the national had to come bail them out….

        Glodt has never faced the resources (1.9M for Noem vs 700k for Marty at the start and her network of donors is huge compared to his); someone who already has 100% name ID and has been elected statewide 4 times including a bruising battle with an incumbent Congresswoman (vs Marty who had 2 cakewalks after token opposition at best).

        Then i agree –Marty’s nearly all of his law enforcement base was AGAINST Marcy’s law and as these counties have to pay for staffing and costs for amendment S, urgh people will not like it. I see Aberdeen is going to hire someone also (50k I believe).

  2. Anonymous

    Two peas in a pod. I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine. This is the corruption SD has had enough of.

  3. Anonymous

    Glodt is probably the best campaign operative in South Dakota. He was smart enough to get out of the Daugaard administration before it totally destroyed his credibility. He has performed miracles in managing the elections of the last two bafoon GOP governors. What’s not skillful in those deceptions perpetrated on South Dakotans?

    1. anon

      He sounds more like a mercenary. He got Marcy’s Law passed for the $$$ not because it’s of conservative principal. I’d like to know if Marcy’s Law donated to Jackley’s campaign?