Marty Jackley stops in Brookings on his announcement tour.

The SDSU Research Park was the setting for the Brookings leg of the Marty Jackley for Governor announcement tour this morning. I popped out to take pictures, as well as to just see what I could see.

Big topics in his announcement included jobs, education, agriculture, and specifically value added agriculture:

There was a crowd of about 20-30 people there for the announcement, including staffers and well wishers. The announcement did take a light jab at his opponent Congresswoman Kristi Noem, as Marty introduced members of his “All-South Dakota staff,” including GOP regular Jason Glodt, and former Rounds campaign worker Megan Davis who is serving as Jackley’s East River Director.

The campaign is only going to heat up from here… Stay tuned!

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      1. Anon

        Fair enough. I saw his remarks at the Lincoln LDD and the prayer lunch in SF, so not every event. But coupled with his announcement tour, it is clear the “all-South Dakota” thing is part of his stump speech.


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