Maven of liberal moaning appears at Brown County Crackerbarrel

Interesting anecdote from yesterday’s crackerbarrel in Aberdeen.

As a legislator related to me yesterday, while legislators gave their presentations and explained the issues, several times from the front row they heard audible moans of discomfort, (i.e., GUHHH! and UHHHH!) as if someone was in abdominal distress or constipated. It was so loud in fact that people in the audience were looking around wondering if someone was unwell.

As related to me, they quickly identified the source of the noise. Apparently, Cory Heidelberger – who’s brand of tax and spend liberalism  was rejected by Aberdeen voters in the election last November  – was sitting in the front row wearing his “Dakota Free Press” nametag, was the one making all the noise. Especially when Republican legislators spoke.

If election-winning Republicans cause Cory such distress, he should probably declare a safe space somewhere, and dig a hole. Or at least locate the bathroom when the next crackerbarrel is held.

Because Republicans winning elections and leading isn’t going to stop happening anytime soon. No matter how much he moans about it.

7 Replies to “Maven of liberal moaning appears at Brown County Crackerbarrel”

  1. Anonymous

    Cory needs to smoke some that weed he publicly states he is against legalization yet promotes the cause of legalization on his blog and just chill. That guy will never be elected to anything here in South Dakota. Chill! Relax! Get over that you were crushed again and move on dude!

  2. Anonymous

    Well, that’s typical liberal disrespect for others. Cory doesn’t even have the manners of a 5 year old; he takes after Obummer, his hero, who was a petulant child. South Dakota doesn’t need Hamburglar or his opinions, which are based on his atheistic, humanistic, pagan foundational system. He’s built on sand an one day the tide will wash him away.

  3. District 3 Democrats Who Voted For Al Novstrup

    Cory Heidelberger has hurt our party driving many members away and needs to get over not getting elected. So much negativity and it is one thing to disagree on policy or votes but the constant bitter attacks against Senator Al Novstrup need to stop!