Maybe by next year, Paula Hawks for Congress will be up to *5* tweets a month.

slightcampaignactivitySo, if you have a twitter account for your campaign, but it shows almost no activity whatsoever, does that mean you don’t have a campaign?

I’m wondering, because so far this month the Hawks for House twitter account has been holding steady at 2 tweets, with one on the 7th, and one on the 14th.

I was thinking it was a weekly thing on days divisible by 7, but gosh darn it, they went and fooled us all by skipping the 21st.

By this post. I’m probably jinxing their natural tendency towards twitter entropy, where they did 4 last month, 2 this month, then 1, and heading towards 0 by January, at which time she would withdraw from the race, citing complete disinterest by a vast majority of South Dakota citizens.

Or I could be wrong, and by next year, she’ll build herself up to an earth shattering (for the Hawks campaign) *5 tweets.*    Holy crap! 5 tweets! She would have to divert her staffer from trying to shake out couch cushions for fundraising over to social media to prove that the campaign possibly has a pulse!

Seriously, the thing with her twitter account seems to be plaguing her entire campaign.  It was amateur hour at her campaign rollout, which was the most botched thing I’ve seen in over 25 years in politics. As a supposed political insider for Democrats, her first quarter fundraising only beat the gal who moved here, and only managed about 2/3 of what a junior staffer for Tim Johnson managed to draw in a comparable time period.

In a limited time period to try to gain attention, she’s managed to be almost invisible. The past weekend in Brookings was an opportunity to see tens of thousands of people in Brookings… And yet, crickets from the Hawks campaign.

In less than a month, South Dakota will have moved fully into holiday mode, with anything political going into complete shutdown until the week between Christmas and New Years’, because frankly, no one will care.  And that’s all the time left this year for Hawks to try to prove to her party that she’s worthy of carrying their banner.

Although, given their lack of recruiting for any other office, especially in the Thune race, “yeah, I guess I’ll do it” is probably an acceptable level of effort for South Dakota Democrats.

Like I said, 5 tweets.

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  1. Yote

    During the Dakota Days parade couple weeks back, Paula Hawks didn’t even show up for her car that she registered. They had this convertible with a driver rolling down the street with no candidate. Not passing out stickers, not waving to the crowd from the car, and not shaking hands. Nothing.

    I didn’t mind though. Senator Thune was there shaking hands and visiting with us on the sidewalk.


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