Measure to protect high school girls sports passes State House Committee and heads to House floor for full vote

As we quickly approach cross-over day in the South Dakota State Legislature, a measure passed out of committee last night to protect women’s sports for participation by women:

The bill says sports designated as being female are only available to participants who are female based on their biological sex.


Rhonda Milstead is the prime sponsor of the bill. She says if one girl gets replaced by a male on a sports team it’s a problem.

“They deserve the right not to get hurt,” Milstead says. “It’s proven over and over again. Males are biologically different. They’re stronger, they’re faster, they’re all of those things. Why do we argue with that? Why don’t we let boys play with boys and girls play with girls?”

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2 thoughts on “Measure to protect high school girls sports passes State House Committee and heads to House floor for full vote”

  1. Great, another anti-transgender bill that will no doubt, put the state in a negative public spotlight again. How soon until we can expect the NCAA talk about removing collegiate tournaments in the state because of this stupidity?

  2. I remember in the 1970’s people saying “If girls want to play basketball, they should try out for the men’s team.”

    Sounded stupid then and we acknowledged there was a physical difference requiring separate sports by gender to give all the opportunity to have fair competition.

    Based on the comment from the person above, what was said then must not sound so stupid because, without this bill, we will have a boys team and another boys team.

    With the exception of maybe bowling and a few others, there is not a sport (ala track, cross country, basketball, wrestling etc.) where an exceptionally skilled female can compete with a slightly above average biological male. So, when just a few transgender females start dominating these sports, it will discourage participation of not only the average females but the exceptionally skilled because they will not see the competition as fair. As much as people may wish it wasn’t so, science and biology matter.

    Side note: The Connecticut transgender female Terry Miller ran the 200 meter in 24.17 as a sophomore which is better than SDSU’s all-time fastest 200 meter female record set by Carly Carpenter. Whatever hormones Terry Miller is taking, it clearly hasn’t changed her hip structure which even the greatest biological female track athletes have happen to them. So, in short, you have a relatively average high school boy 200m time becoming a D1 College Women’s 200m school record. Or another way, the greatest female track athlete in history, Florence Griffith-Joyner, would not have the SD State High School Boys record in the 200 meters.

    The unfairness to female athletes is clear.

    Personally, I couldn’t give a rat’s butt about what gender one wants to identify as so stuff your unfairness to transgender crap. But, one’s gender choice does not give them the right to bring their genetic superior muscle and hip structure to disrupt the fairness of competition of literally thousands of girls who no matter how hard they train couldn’t be competitive an average biological boy who is transgender.

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