Medical freedom rally, etc. seems to have origin with candidate-oriented Political Action Committee

If you saw the coverage of the rally across the street from Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls yesterday, there appears to be a bit of a story behind the story.

It appears that the “Medical Freedom” rally which took place in Sioux falls yesterday with State Representative Jon Hansen and Anti-Vaxxer Mya Olson was less an organic movement of concerned citizens, and more an organized political rally. At least, according to a filing with the Secretary of State from the organization that sponsored said rally.

On Facebook and elsewhere, a poster declared the march to be sponsored or at least in conjunction with a group calling themselves “Patriot Ripple Effect.”

Well, ok. But who are they?   There’s not really a readily available Facebook presence or website. Just an e-mail address. But despite the flyer lacking any sort of political disclaimer, according to a June 9 filing with the Secretary of State, “Ripple Effect” actually seems to be organized as a Political Action Committee:

Ripple Effect Sdcfdisclosure by Pat Powers on Scribd

With Adam Broin acting as President of the group, and former Minnehaha Co GOP Chair Dave Roetman noted as the group’s Treasurer on the filing, “Ripple Effect” expressly delineates as their “Statement of Purpose or Goals” that the group exists “To support candidates for office in South Dakota.”  Which doesn’t seem to have much to do with promoting “Medical Freedom.”

Broin was speaking as part of the “Medical Freedom” Rally yesterday as part of the group’s sponsorship of the event…

But that wasn’t the first time he’s been in front of a crowd speaking about his organization. Apparently, Broin was representing the “Ripple Effect” group as part of the fringe “Primary John Thune” group’s America First rally in Sioux Falls, (ironically, Bruce Whalen cited the date of the rally as when he caught COVID).

(Broin’s comments start at about 1:48)

It kind of leaves you wondering what the group is actually up to, and what the goal is they’re trying to accomplish.

The group seems to be insinuating themselves into Sioux Falls political scene on behalf of the most hard-right elements in politics. And given their participation in the Anti-Thune rally, and stated goal to “support candidates for office in South Dakota,” it remains to be seen who they’ll be promoting in the upcoming election.

So, keep your eyes open. And stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “Medical freedom rally, etc. seems to have origin with candidate-oriented Political Action Committee”

  1. My name is John Dale, and I am doing something on behalf of the guy that wants to do the thing.

    In other news, I think that it is important to support medical freedom.

    We owe front line workers our gratitude. For they are not the admin.

  2. This all seems odd, since Dave Roetman’s LinkedIn page states that he is the SD GOP’s State Political Director. So why would he be involved with these folks? Strange indeed. I can’t imagine that the SD GOP would be a part of anything that was even remotely tied to the Primary Thune goofballs. But….

    1. Dave used to be at the Sioux Falls GOP office during the election, but I don’t think he has had an active role since then.

  3. So many questions… and yet my organization and media team have received absolutely no contact from Pat Powers, despite the email address clearly appearing on the flyer. Please do reach out Mr. Powers, we would be more than happy to help you clarify a few misunderstandings.

  4. It’s astonishing to me that anyone paying attention wouldn’t want to primary Senator Thune. Are you paying attention to the things he votes for or against as your Senator? He needs to GO! Along with the Sioux Falls Mayor who is directly partnering with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). He is corrupt and helping the CCP buy up our land and businesses. Are you all aware that one of SDs largest employers, Smithfield, is a company owned by the CCP?? Pay attention to the actions of the people you vote for not just the things they say.

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