Medical Pot promoters post 1000 fewer signatures than measure that failed ballot in 2016

The people promoting medical pot in SD just posted over 1000 fewer signatures than their measure that failed to make the ballot in 2016.

Stay tuned on this one. (That really came off as a double entendre, didn’t it)

29 Replies to “Medical Pot promoters post 1000 fewer signatures than measure that failed ballot in 2016”

  1. G

    Good word choice!

    On to the measure itself…almost 15k sounds like less than 15k, not much room at all for error. This one definitely needs strict review.

    Hopeful that means the recreational struggled even more

  2. Spencer

    Also, one has to wonder how many of these were forged? We already know that these three petitions have this issue. When you have to throw out $1,600 worth in petition signatures, the forgeries are deep and pervasive. I will have no problem throwing out many of the signatures from Pine Ridge. Many of those residencies are not going to be verifiable. That is what they “padded” their numbers with.

  3. Spencer

    The petitions will not be released until they officially survive the SOS sampling, which is looking unlikely, however, I will be looking for these petition supporters on social media. I already have the lists of likes and shares from New Approach South Dakota. New Approach is very sloppy in allowing access to the opposition their supporters’ information. I will be following up on these people first with the pot petition since they also likely signed/circulated the assisted suicide petition. My primary objective is to follow up on those assisted suicide supporters who also likely engage in illegal pot usage. This seems like a logical place to start. I will make sure that they know the reason that I am there is because New Approach South Dakota also circulated an assisted suicide petition. Then they will know who to complain to.

  4. Mentele


    Maybe we should release the numerous threats you have made against us and our families in the past 24 hours to the media. Let’s let your followers see you for who you really are.

    Validity is what’s important. Not the #’s above the goal.

    1. Miranda Gohn

      Are you saying that a South Dakota citizen’s desire to legally verify the integrity of the petition process is a threat?

    2. Spencer

      Melissa, I am honestly starting to wonder if you understand the verification process since your measures seem to not be making it far enough to get there, I understand if you lack familiarity. It is the opposition’s legal right to review petitioners and signatures, and we will. I personally want to see who is supporting and circulating signatures, where they live, what they are doing, etc. That information helps us out substantially for the next time. You should have notified people of this when they signed up for your group. Everything you post to Facebook is public, and your group is very sloppy about throwing information around. Again, I read all of your communications between you and Angie. I know how sloppy the two of you are. I will be shocked if it makes it through, but we will be ready for a challenge. I really hope assisted suicide was worth losing medical pot.

  5. Fred Deutsch

    I’ve got to give credit to the marijuana & assisted-suicide supporters for busting their butt in a hard fought battle. I sincerely mean that. The difficulty Ms. Mentele had collecting enough signatures both last election cycle and this one is pretty good evidence the vast majority of South Dakotans don’t support suicide and marijuana. They didn’t lose by not trying, they lost because they were trying to sell what people didn’t want to buy.

    To say we’re ecstatic about the results today is an understatement. Now it’s time for us to go on the offense.

    1. Spencer

      Excellent! This proves that South Dakotans completely and utterly reject assisted suicide and that our state values LIFE!

  6. Troy Jones

    Folks, this is not “medical pot.”

    Pharmaceuticals are sold thru pharmacies of administered directly by licensed caregivers. This is a product to be sold in unregulated shops by people who don’t even have to have an 8th grade education. And, the standard for a giving a prescription isn’t regulated by the FDA/DEA like all other medical prescriptions. And the dosage isn’t regulated based on the medical circumstances.

    Be honest and call this something other than medical pot. It is recreational pot sold to the public under the guise of for sick people.

  7. Miranda Gohn


    Thank you and spot on! This was a failing right from the start as a tactical move so that rec users could slide right in, most of all be far more profitable to gain more support. The low numbers thankfully show South Dakotans were on to it as a sham. The far out claims of cures hurt their credibility. Looking forward to checking these and helping stop this.

  8. Troy Jones


    Am I reading this right? Someone Anonymously just threatened you and made reference to the Texas tragedy?

    If it makes you feel better, Donna Brazille is also worried about her life. 🙂

    1. Spencer

      Yes, a very sad threat. I would take my sifting through petition contacts far more seriously than any idle talk from suicidal pot groups. Can you imagine how difficult it will be for them to bring another suicide or pot IM when petitioners are invalidated through personal contacts. Throw in a few felony drug charges that will invariably result, and that’s the ballgame folks.

  9. Charlie Hoffman

    Anything qualified as desirable by a significant portion of society which can be easily grown in ones backyard or basement will never be able to be contained or controlled by the forces of purists in Government who wish for Mantel Status in integrity. Right Wrong or Indifferent society will always win this kind of battle. Prohibition case in point.

  10. Mentele


    I’m going to make a suggestion and you take it however you want. I would be real careful when you sit on online and make threats about going to people homes under the ruse of “invalidating” circulators and attempting to bring drug charges against them.

    I don’t think the physicians, oncologists and other professionals whose names are on it will be fearful of you. You however should be real fearful of a lawsuit against you, your organization and quite possibly criminal charges.

    You may find support here on your comments from people who have not seen the scope of what you have done and said. I truly believe if PP, Miranda and even Fred saw the threats against our homes, families and children from you their opinions would change drastically. It is one thing to threaten a challenge to a petition BUT is another thing to threaten someone’s child and home.

    Before you come knocking on many of our doors you may want to familiarize yourself with 22-18-4 making a threat online in numerous places against our children will not ever be tolerated combine that with the threats to come to our homes and well per the Sheriffs office we have the right to defend. We will be publicaly posting screenshots & your messages this week when we make the state & your followers aware of what you have done.

    You do not threaten the lives and wellbeing of someone’s children because you do not like a social issue. It is wrong on many levels.

    I imagine we will see your name in the news real soon.

    1. KM

      “I would be real careful when you…” Is that a threat?

      “You however should be real fearful…” Is that a threat?

      “Before you come knocking…” Is that a threat?

      It’s all about perspective and from what I’ve seen the truth is what you think it is. How do you know what others think is a threat? Oh, that’s right, you don’t. Melissa Mentele, it’s-all-about-me, clearly knows all and is the spokesperson for all. A Liberal’s word games at their finest, change the language to fit your narrative.

      1. Miranda Gohn


        Given everyone that Melissa Mentele has threatened with lawsuits, exposing her reality of the truth, speed dialing media, claims of individuals being possessed of Demons it looks like Spencer will have to wait a while. He is in a long line. Rather than be a future regular on the Jerry Springer show wouldn’t life be easier by not smoking that stuff, stop this nonsense and look for healthier options in life?

  11. Mentele

    Sorry ladies we don’t threaten nor do we take threats lightly. We are currently printing all of Spencer’s messages and FB posts and have a meeting with the PD at 1. When someone threatens the life, wellbeing and future of a child you best believe we take it seriously.

    Your attitude and comments tell more about YOU then it does me. KM you use initials because you have a family also right? How would you feel if someone messaged you they were going to burn your house down or “catch” your kid on their way to school? Is that ok? I’m going to assume for your children it’s not so why in the hell would it be ok for our children? Do you realize that the core members of our group have 41 children between us all? So do those 41 lives mean nothing because Spencer is promoting his religious agenda? I don’t see him threatening to burn down our churches or catch us after service it is direct threats to our homes and our kids schools. That is a concern and we have sent photos and screen shots to our administrators to protect the kids.

    That brings me to this. Right to life…should be changed to Right to Life if you agree with Spencer in SD. There is no Right to Life if you are ok threatening other lives because you don’t agree with them.

    My comment above was a true statement if he shows up at my door after the threats he has made I will take all steps needed to protect my children & property.

    For the record I think you and MG are some of the most heartless vile people I have ever had the displeasure of having contact with. Does that mean I wish you harm? Does that mean I wish harm upon your families? No because I am a reasonable adult who understands that we will never agree on these issues. I have cried many tears over your hatefulness but would NEVER ever harm anyone who disagrees with me.

    1. KM

      Huh? Off on one of your victim rants again.

      I don’t care what you think of me (is that what you consider hate speech?), but you clearly care what we think of you and that says a lot about YOU. You have no idea what my attitude is, you’d like to think so, but you don’t. It’s all about perspective and from what I’ve seen the truth is what you think it is.

      Your tears are on you, if you’re offended, that’s on you. Another Liberal game…point the finger and blame everyone else for your troubles: boo hoo hoo. You and Jaa Dee must be friends;)

      I thought the officer who “attacked” your children was the most heartless, vile person you have ever had the displeasure of having contact with? I guess you’ve moved on from that one.

  12. Spencer

    Mentele, you need to get all that information to the police. I never communicated any of those things mentioned in quotations above, whether you know that to be fact or not, is irrelevant. If you were receiving messages of that nature or manufactured such messages, you need to report them. It is interesting that you would bring this up since I have had you blocked on my Facebook for a good month now due to some of your previous trolling.

  13. Miranda Gohn


    I really wish you would check out Parents Opposed to Pot, the Marijuana Accountability Coalition and dig a little deeper. They are sharing the damage I have personally witnessed over and over. Good people with their own gifts, talents and incredible potential are falling for these myths and in the end it is always about the money. It is like Big Tobacco all over again and holding them accountable.

    The FDA is now warning these MJ companies regarding their health claims including curing cancer. This is just for starters!

    I was shocked at the advice you and Reina were giving pushing pot use to one of the most vulnerable groups out there. It did not even seem to phase any of you as to how reckless, harmful and irresponsible those actions were that would of been condemned right away by specialists in that field with advanced degrees. You have a neighbor that started off with pot and has admitted to struggling with meth addiction 3 times since graduating from HS just a few years ago. It saddens me so much to see this being a person that is bright with being so young but has been dealing with this.

    Stop this! Your not helping but enabling the opposite!