42 Replies to “Meet & Greet with Marty Jackley in Brookings on 12/13”

  1. Anonymous

    Isn’t the research park operated with tax dollars? Public dollars promoting a political candidate doesn’t seem kosher.

    1. Anon

      I thought the same thing. How is the RSVP email going to the Research Park’s mailbox? Seems fishy to me

      1. Anonymous

        Isn’t the RSVP going to an address on Research Park Way, which sounds like a road to me, not the Research Park itself.

    2. Tired of the Haters

      Here we go, get ready for non-stop anonymous attacks on Jackley by Team Noem, the Dems and the Boswoth fanatics. Going to get old real fast…but every post about Jackley on blogs that allow anonymous posting will be inundated with people who have an ax to grind and are seeking vengeance.

      1. anonymous

        You forgot to include Stace Nelson another person Glodt (formerly team Rounds now team Marty) also included when ever a negative comment was made about Rounds. This rebuttal is tired why don’t you try to defend your man Marty instead of always crying haters?

      2. anon

        It’s more of a question of whether he can legally hold a fundraiser here because of IM22? No attacks or haters

  2. SDGOPer

    Pat, when are we going to see a post about the atrocity that is Marsy’s Law? We’re seeing story after story about the terrible repercussions but nothing from you. Why?

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      It’s on my list. Unlike some others in the blogosphere, I have an 8-5. (I do have to work, you know.) I’m planning on writing about it coming up. Right now I’m trying to sort out the hype from what’s legit, and I’ve reached out to the sponsor for commentary as well.

  3. Anonymous

    I’ve said for along time that Glodt needed to choose between Jackley and Marsy’s law. Jackley also needed to choose between Glodt and Marsy’s law.

    It’s a bad law. Just like SB 70.

    1. Anonymous

      This is costing you bad press and votes. Take it from one of your loyalists drop Glodt and fight this out of state Marsys Law crap.

  4. disappointed in MJ

    If you go to this fundraiser you need to ask Marty why he did come out against Marsy’s Law. This is really making me question his integrity. He writers the ballot measure opinions. His job is to explain the meaning to the voters he knew the ramifications.

    1. Anonymous

      I understand why he didn’t come out against it. I don’t understand how he can oppose it and then hire the guy who ran the Marsy’s law campaign and still look good.

  5. Anonymous

    How much are tickets I feel there are some very serious questions our AG needs to answer. Is it invite only or can the public come to a public place and ask questions?

  6. Anon

    How much are tickets? I feel there are some very serious questions our AG needs to answer. Is it invite only or can the public come to a public place and ask questions? Try and call this a private event…

  7. you can win

    I like Marty but you needs to make some changes. Competency seems to be a very serious problem with your current team. You’re a good man speak from experience and surround yourself with you ture confidants.

  8. Anonymous

    If Kristi were to read these comments, she’d be grinning ear to ear.
    What chance does she have at this point of being our next governor? 80%? Greater?

    1. Anonymous

      I would guess she has about a 10% advantage on Jackley. Jackley can make it up but he will need to hone his skills and not hurt himself with poor advisors.

      1. SDGOPer

        I’d put heed-to-head at 60-40 or 65-35 in favor of Kristi at this point. And with her name ID and money advantages, it’s hard to see how he overtakes her

  9. Anonymous

    With IM22 he can’t hold a fundraiser/ meet and greet at this place he would be breaking the law and he should have known that. Or don’t our laws apply to this guy.

  10. You'll notice

    Marty if you’re reading this I’m no longer going to the fundraiser I think you’ll notice I’m not there. I’m disappointed in you.

  11. anon

    Wasn’t this place paid for with public dollars? Even if not illegal he shouldn’t be holding a fundraiser here. If he could hold a fundraiser here what would stop him from inviting every attorney from across the state to a fundraiser at the AG’s office. Obviously this would be a conflict of interest.

  12. SDGOPer

    I don’t have an issue with him hosting a meet and greet there. My understanding is that you can rent out the place. What I question, based on the email for RSVPing, is that the Research Park staff appear to be part of planning it and that seems sketchy.

    1. shame on Marty

      It’s not sketchy under IM22 it’s illegal the phone number to file a complaint with the Brookings County States Attorney is 605-692-8606.

  13. no more marty

    After reading this there’s no way I’m giving MJ another dollar. He’s told us he was tough on crime. But his actions speak louder than words he’s tough on crime but weak on ethics.

  14. All in for Jackley

    I need to know if this is legal, I’m not going to any fundraiser and breaking the law. Marty can you please let us know?

  15. rabbit grad

    If the staff had anything to do with this and your org lobbies it’s illegal. I’m almost sure Marty’s team will cancel this event. I’ve heard that the State Attorney has been asked if the is legal and he is still researching it. We’ll have an answer tomorrow.