Mercer features Secretary of State Shantel Krebs in interview

Bob Mercer, who is a stringer provides stories (per correction in comments) for several daily papers, has an interview with Secretary of State Shantel Krebs in her pursuit of the Congressional Seat being vacated by Kristi Noem against former PUC Commissioner and Daugaard Chief of Staff Dusty Johnson:

Why she’s running: “When President Trump was elected, I was all in,” Krebs said.

She said South Dakota voters tell her they are frustrated and want “the mess cleaned up” in Washington, D.C.

“It’s not working,” Krebs said. “I want to help him deliver results.” She added: “That’s what my logo is: Get it done.”

How she’s organized her campaign: Krebs said it’s “a lot” of evenings and weekends. Her daytime focus is the office in Pierre. “I was elected to be secretary of state,” she said.

If someone on the office staff is out sick, Krebs said she or others on the staff answers the office phone. She said staff buys into her message: “We work for the taxpayer.”

Read it all here.

Krebs states she is running because she answers the phone and “want(s) to help” President Trump “deliver results?”

Oooookay….. (It didn’t seem like she was promising to be helpful for President Trump just a couple of months ago.)

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  1. Anonymous

    She was blasting Trump because of the voter file and now she wants to work with him? She’ll say whatever people want to hear. Neil Tapio was the Trump chairman for the state he’s the real deal.

    1. Anonymous

      A lot of us like Trump and are staunch defenders of him. I like that she would say so publicly. Few in Congress will. I appreciate Noem for doing the same and Rounds. Too my knowledge Jackley was supportive also.

      Disagreements are welcome in the same party and with the President.

      Being independent minded and following the state laws are welcome.

      Disparaging our president is not welcome. Work with him, support him and occasionally disagree.

      The number one job is to support SD residents in Congress and America.

      Trump is a great president. All republicans in SD should proudly support him.

  2. Ima 500 East Capitol

    If “her daytime focus is the office in Pierre,” then why is Jason Williams parking in her spot in the loop?

    1. Anonymous

      I don’t care who wins this election, but i see Shantel walking to her car or walking between her two offices quite often. I don’t know where you got your information, but it’s not correct.

  3. Bob Mercer

    Actually, I interviewed seven of the Republican and Democratic announced candidates for governor and South Dakota’s seat in the U.S. House of Representatives during three trips to the State Fair.

    The US House candidates’ profiles were written and emailed Monday. The governor candidates’ profiles are under way today (Tuesday).

    And just so there isn’t any confusion, the Aberdeen American News is my employer. The other six daily papers in our statehouse group receive my stories through contracts they have with AAN. (And no, I don’t know how much the six other papers pay.)

  4. Anonymous

    I’ve heard people say they received fundraising calls from her during work hours, she might be in the office but she’s working on her campaign while she’s there.

  5. Charlie Hoffman

    Thank you Bob for putting great effort into being extremely fair and balanced.

    Didn’t FOX news call you for a possible gig a while back?

    And I’m still waiting for the connection between Clark Co. & Grudznick from you but I understand journalism privilege. LOL


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