Mercer right: Corey Brown gets things done

Bob Mercer is right. Corey Brown is one of the legislature’s best and brightest. I had the opportunity to meet him during his first term. He’s certainly low key but genuine and that only makes him more appealing to those who know him best.

Deft is one of the words that enter the conversation when people talk about Corey Brown as a legislator. He has sort of come from out of the blue.

His post-high school education includes a bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame in government and international relations and a master’s degree in international relations from the University of South Dakota. He spent more than 10 years as an officer and aviator in the U.S. Navy.

Most recently, he moved with his family back to Potter County,
where he is director for the Gettysburg-Whitlock Bay development corporation.

He was elected to the Senate in 2008. People meeting him
for the first time frequently marveled that he seemed like someone capable of going places politically.

He?s anything but a showman. Yet he gets big things done. He is quick to spread the credit, but his work for months behind the scenes brought together a comprehensive solution this legislative session to South Dakota?s variety of challenges ? aka infighting ? in 911 emergency communications.

Senate Republican leader Russ Olson joked that a generation of South Dakota families would name children Corey because of the effort he put into the 911 legislation.

The Senate is a good place this session, although something could blow up in this next, final week. Senators work together and recognize their talents. At 37, Corey Brown clearly is someone to watch as a current, and future, leader in South Dakota.

Together with district house members, Assistant Majority Leader Justin Cronin and Whip Charlie Hoffman, rural district 23 is blessed with strong leadership.

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  1. grudznick

    These very young fellows do seem to be onto big things, and onto even bigger things. They represent the district with one of the best steakhouses in the state, too. I think they all are going places.

      1. grudznick

        You know the place. It’s not one of the best because it serves the best steaks, it’s best because it caters to gluttons like me.

  2. Spencer

    Yes, we are very fortunate to have them. I did not vote for Corey in the GOP primary, but I have not been disappointed with his service to our district and state since then. He is a solid conservative, and I hope he stays in public service for a long time to come.

  3. Troy Jones

    I have said for years this is the strongest delegation in the state. I think we once had a Governor and Lt. Governor from LymanCounty. If it will be repeated, Brown and Cronin are it.

  4. justme

    Cory Brown was an opponent for giving legislative control to establishing Dauguard/ObamaCare Exchange in South Dakota. His Executive talking points were subterfuge to hide the pro-ObamaCare objective of Dauguard et al. Check it out in Senate Health Committee here: The united voice of all the ?yeas? came to consensuses on a twisted idea that the legislature HAS total control of an Exchange by passing the Budget bill in the last few minutes of the session. As they are handed the 30+ page bill 15 minutes before its voted on , the legislaure can then tell where all the hidden costs are for implementing Obamacare in South Dakota! Brilliant! There is no need for the front door approach like there was in 2007 when we had a bill from Rounds/Daugurad that was titled, ?an Act to establish the SD HealthCare Exchange??see here it is?look at how much power they gave the Exchange Manager (a position advertised in today?s Argus leader)
    Please don?t believe the lie from hell that says we have to set up our own State exchange or the Feds will set one up for us. The fact is that the Feds will set one up anyway if our exchange is not the exact replica of theirs. If we want a waiver for no abortion?we will have to pay through the nose for that exception. Since we will not have the money we will default to the Fed exchange. Even if we spend tons of time and money to develop the Big Brother IT systems that demand our facial recognition features, our assets, our bank accounts, our genetic data and our medical records via Epic (Sanford?s system) and then if the Fed Exchange picks another state?s system?we will have to dump our system and use the one they tell us to.
    In fact, sec 1131 of PPACA says we have unlimited funding to set up a State Exchange (lots of money for SD coffers as we are sold down the river), but Sec 1132 gives no funding for the Federal government to set up an Exchange for us. It they want to do that the Feds will have to go back to congress and Kristie will have to give them the funding?.if she doesn?t, this HealthCare beast will die of starvation?GOOD! Sanford and other non-profits (did you see how much $ ?non-profits? make in the Argus a while back?) are all about the Exchange because they will become ?too big to fail? if they don?t make a profit?.sound familiar? Wake up people before it?s too late

      1. anon

        This is crazy talk. Corey Brown is one of the best in Pierre. He’s a great guy and will do a great job as Governor of South Dakota one day.


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