Mercer: SDNA takes Krebs to woodshed on fake news e-mail

Bob Mercer is reporting today that the South Dakota Newspaper Association is taking a dim view of accusations of fake news, in particular those made recently by Secretary of State Shantel Krebs against the media for reporting on her endorsement by Kansas SOS Kris Kobach, and whether she supports a “Federal Muslim Registry”:

Many of you saw the campaign email from Shantel Krebs earlier this week headlined: “More Fake News from the Mainstream Media.” Shantel begins her email with: “It’s no surprise, but the mainstream media is once again pushing fake news and inaccurate reporting. Each election year their liberal agenda becomes more apparent.” She ends the email asking supporters to “take a stand against FAKE news” and make a donation to her campaign.


It’s apparent that Shantel was referring to a story in the South Dakota press over a period of a few days last week regarding Kansas Sec. of State Kris Kobach coming to Sioux Falls to endorse her campaign. The story became larger when state Sen. Neil Tapio, who has said he plans to run for Congress, put out a statement asking Shantel to clarify where she stands on a proposed “federal Muslim registry.” Kobach has been outspoken about tightening federal immigration laws and policies. Kobach’s immigration comments and stands have generated controversy.


The story about Tapio/Krebs/Kobach also was in the political blogs in the state, including Dakota War College and Dakota Free Press.

It appears to me the reporting on this story by South Dakota journalists was done accurately and was straight forward. My hunch is that Shantel was caught off guard and stung by the Tapio statement and was upset that the news media reported it. Was it fair for the press to pick up on and report about a statement from someone who says he intends to run but has not yet officially declared? I think so. Tapio already is in public office as a state senator from Watertown. He was Trump’s state campaign chairman, and he has been pretty clear about his intentions to run for Congress. Plus, Kobach has been very outspoken about immigration and has attracted controversy for his statements and positions. So it is natural that if Shantel is going to accept his endorsement, people are going to ask her about Kobach’s controversies.


Absolutely she and other candidates should call out and criticize any reporting that is false or intentionally misleading. But to attack the press for what has been demonstrated as accurate and fair news reporting should not be tolerated.

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12 thoughts on “Mercer: SDNA takes Krebs to woodshed on fake news e-mail”

  1. Before I begin I need to say that I don’t like in general the tone and substance of virtually any fundraising letter I ever read whether sent by a Republican, Democrat, party or especially a special interest group. They seldom educate or contribute to the democratic process. They incite emotions which only divides us more and makes us less likely to be thoughtful about the process.

    Additionally, I don’t like the impulse to just attack when one is criticized or flip the narrative. If Krebs doesn’t want to answer the question, just let it go unanswered. Candidates are under no obligation to answer every question, especially if the questioner demands a short answer when a long answer is warranted. However, this is an unforced error on Krebs part. If you bring in an endorser whose claim to fame is the registry, not answering the question is likely not an option.

    That said, does anyone think the press would have be so diligent to review a fundraiser letter which was an attack on someone besides the media? Of course not.

  2. Mercer’s article indicated concern over Kristi Noem’s reaction to her estate tax also: “following email arrived Friday, Dec. 22. Dave Bordewyk, executive director for the South Dakota Newspaper Association, wrote it to the organization’s members after several days of consideration. It was a response to campaign emails that had been sent in previous days from Secretary of State Shantel Krebs and U.S. Rep. Kristi Noem. They sought donations for their respective campaigns for the Republican nominations for U.S. House and governor. Their messages reacted to recent news reports about aspects of their candidacies.”

    I hope we don’t get into just fake news statements by candidates in these campaigns but I suppose we will because it worked for Trump and no one on either side likes the media.

    I believe Noem and Krebs before I believe any news outlet. And that’s not to say the Argus doesn’t do good work sometimes.

    Today I am reading a headline accusing Jackley of not doing his job on sexual harassment issues. Do I believe the Argus or do I believe Jackley? Hult’s story was fair enough but the headline was sensationalized and went after Jackley. I’ll give Jackley the benefit of the doubt.

    How does Abdallah feel about the Argus these days?

    Janklow and Thune never liked the Argus. Maybe no politician likes the media.

  3. Oh the poor babies don’t like being criticized. So they respond by saying “No we’re right”. I hate to break it to y’all reading this but Shantel is right to point out that the supposed “Muslim registry” is nothing more than a left wing talking point which doesn’t accurately depict the policy that was being promoted.

    1. I agree. So snowflaky. Regarding it being a “Muslim registry”, I think Tapio might have used it as well. Don’t recall for sure.

    2. Liberty is right.

      Tapio is the only person in SD who wants a muslim registry. He is using the liberal talking points. Krebs is spot on by saying it doesn’t exist and never has.

      Noem is right to say “Fake News” regarding the Argus attacks on her inheritance tax.

      1. Your response in defense of Rep. Noem is incorrect. She is pandering to the Trump wing AND saving big bucks for her family

        1. I don’t like the death tax. It doesn’t matter to me if Kristi’s dad didn’t do everything in the best way for his will.

          The bottom line is the Argus was trying to jump on some national stories that make kristi look like a liar and she has that right to tell them they are fake news.

          I’m still wondering if the NARAL lobbyist reported her rapist or if everyone has decided it’s ok for a rapist to go free. Where is the Argus on that follow up? Those were serious allegations to make that taint the “culture of session” if no one is pressing charges.

          1. Kristi has been consistent for years regarding the death tax and how it affected her family. Only now does the media (Argus) put a spin on it. I guess they had to in order to make it “news”.

  4. Any candidate who responds to an unfavorable story as “fake news” has instantly lost my vote.

  5. The tragedy isn’t that Shantel supports Trump or is concerned about media bias. Those are views I hold.

    The tragedy is that she is pretending to hold those views only to ingratiate herself to Trump supporters. That’s phoniness.

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