Merry Christmas

As we prepare for this years’ Christmas activities, including sneaking into Sanford’s Castle and leaving gifts for some unsuspecting family, stopping by a few homes of families that are really struggling and leaving a little something to make the holiday a tad brighter; I am reminded of price that has been paid that enables us to celebrate Christmas.  Men and women (and their families) who have stood guard over our freedom to worship in a manner that suits us.  This freedom does not come cheap.  Many have paid the ultimate price, and some still suffer today from past battles.  Today there are Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen who stand ready to answer any threat to our freedoms.  To our heroes in uniform serving on the the front lines, Thank You, and Merry Christmas.

There are a multitude of other people giving up time with their families to serve us; Law enforcement, firefighters, hospital staff and other emergency workers and volunteers.  They answer the call when ever someone tries to deep fries a turkey, and burns down their garage.  I know the staff in the hospital tries very hard to make Christmas a little easier for the patients, and for themselves. Thank You and Merry Christmas.

Senators Tim Johnston, John Thune, and Representative Kristi Noem, thank you for representing South Dakota in the halls of Congress.  Washington D.C. Is a long way from home, I understand it can be hard serving your state so far away.  Merry Christmas and I look forward to your next town hall meeting.

Our  Governor, and all of our legislators, many who took a pay cut to serve, I know the up coming session is on your mind, and the your in-boxes and mail boxes are busting full with notes of praise and not so much; Thank You.  We may not see eye to eye on many issues, however, I honestly believe that we all want what is best for our state.  I would like to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas.

To all of those in the South Dakota political blogosphere.  I welcome your comments, even if I disagree with them.  They show that South Dakota is informed and engaged.  I truly enjoy an intelligent debate.  I look forward to more next year.  Merry Christmas to you and yours for me and mine.

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  1. Anonymous

    my we have a most blessed and merry christmas. May our new year be a year of conversation and forget about the bad side of politics. May it be a way to learn about others and how to make it a better world for our children and gchildren. forget the complaints and find the fixes…



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