Message from Team Noem – Newsmax Town Hall w/Kristi Noem from Reagan Ranch tonight

From my e-mail box:


Tonight at 8pm ET (and again at 10pm ET), Newsmax will be airing a special town hall with Governor Noem from the Reagan Ranch in Santa Barbara, California.

She’ll be sitting down with Rob Schmitt for a wide-ranging conversation and we hope you’ll tune in.

You can either watch online, or on your TV or streaming device.

– Team Noem

12 thoughts on “Message from Team Noem – Newsmax Town Hall w/Kristi Noem from Reagan Ranch tonight”

      1. It’s not meant to be informative, it’s to play victim to the base. Perhaps if they touch on the appraiser thing I’ll tune in!

  1. She can’t get the distraction out fast enough. Didn’t she build a studio in Pierre for this exact purpose?

  2. Reagan?? She would never let someone who personally got the assault weapon bill passed and who started amnesty as well as raising taxes on the rich by eliminating capital gains subsidy be on her ticket.

  3. Biden could not cause more damage to this country if he tried. He lied to us about what the generals told us about getting out of Afghanistan. He screwed the low income people! Try going to the gas station, the grocery store, maybe renting a living space. Try screwing the builders and property owners and see if that increases the affordibility of shelter! Invite everyone to enter our country so the U.S. taxpayer can start paying for their needs!
    He really is trying to destroy our country.

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