Michels to jump in for Governor?

A report from a reader just popped in:

Matt Michels is on South Dakota public radio right now. He said he is considering running for governor and will make a decision at the end of session. He said people are encouraging to him since Mickelson pulled out.

That’s an interesting development.

In the program, which you can listen to here, the Lt. Governor indicates that he’ll likely make a decision after the end of session.

22 Replies to “Michels to jump in for Governor?”

  1. Troy Jones

    Highlights the GOP’s abundance of riches and ensures whoever wins the primary is well-hones for the General.

    Who is running for the Democrats?

  2. Anonymous

    This is good news, as those of us on the left in the SD GOP need to have a choice to vote for.

  3. The Blogger Formerly Known as "Winston"

    Michels is a good guy and a great candidate for the GOP, but if you want to stop Noem from getting the nomination, then Michels should not run because he will take more votes from Jackley than Noem, thus making Noem the nominee…

    I always thought the next governor was going to be either Mickelson or Huether, but one is out and the other cannot win as an independent. So now it is up to the GOP decide if they want a Governor Noem overseeing a state budget with collapsing sales tax receipts due to e-commerce, the collapsing farm economy, rising fuel prices, and rising interest rates or do they really want to solve these pending problems sooner than later with the right candidate…

    Oh, who are the Democrats going to run? How about Lowe, Sutton, Barth and maybe Pat O’Brien 😉 …..

  4. Anonymous

    Matt Michels could be the front runner in this race that would seem to have a wider range of support. Good for him! I hope he runs! Yes the SDGOP does have a very deep bench.

    SDDP? Joe Lowe would be my first choice and would be an excellent candidate and governor. Joe knows he would need a functioning party & campaign structure with an army of volunteers besides money to run and win. SDGOP is a well oiled machine and having an R behind your name is hard enough to compete against in South Dakota. SDDP would need to somehow silence the nutjobs that continue to drive people away.

    1. The Blogger Formerly Known as "Winston"

      Yah, I don’t know? I keep thinking about a Governor Noem dealing with a collapsing sales tax system. That is the real issue for us all regardless of our partisan beliefs as we look towards 2018 and beyond. And as the majority party, the GOP needs to take heed of its responsibility and sole duty here.

        1. Anonymous

          I don’t know why not. “Sore-Loserberger” has lost every other race he’s been in. I don’t know why he would skip this one.

          1. Anonymous

            hamburgler has the ego and has stated when he is governor he will do this or that. he has no job so he could make money off a run like bosworth did.

  5. Anoun

    Matt Michaels is an awesome guy! BUT, Duagaard turning liberal in his second term crushes his chance of winning. Plus the stunt in October, telling Trump to step down, his staff let him down. Remember liberals don’t vote in the Republican primary.

    I agree if he gets in the race, Noem probably wins.

    The competition is going to be Independent Huether.

  6. Anonymous

    Totally agree. When Dennis came out against Trump it totally amazed me. I guess he thought Clinton should be president. Dennis has not been a good governor. I think his unpopularity in the state would hurt Michels.

  7. chief

    Not only is Michels closely tied to Daugaard, who has angered all the true conservatives, but Michels has a very shady record of his own. He is unwavering in his support for Obamacare, the BIG hospitals, and their BIG insurance companies. He has even tried to get crooked butcher doctors into SD to help his friends in this BIG racket make even more money off the backs of poor and middle-income South Dakotans. He may seem cute, funny, and friendly in public but behind the scenes he’s just another BIG $$$$ sleezeball.