Mike Huether accuses Lora Hubbel of saying offensive untrue things. Next, Huether will declare water wet.

Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether apparently sent Lora Hubbel a Cease and Desist Letter for libeling him on facebook:

A South Dakota gubernatorial candidate has been accused of making libelous social media posts that say Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether has committed treason and loves the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Argus Leader Thursday obtained a copy of a cease and desist notice sent last year from Huether’s private attorneys to Lora Hubbel, a Republican candidate in the 2018 South Dakota governor race, for a series of Facebook and Twitter posts allegedly calling Huether “treasonous,” a “lover” of the Muslim Brotherhood, and “selling our state to the Islamic cause.”

Read it here.

Mike Huether is accusing Lora Hubbel of going on Facebook and saying ridiculous, offensive things? Perish the thought.

Say offensive, untrue things? Lora would never do that.


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  1. Pondering

    I feel sorry for Lora. She is a [redacted] woman acting out in public. Her family really needs to do an intervention.

    (Pondering, I don’t disagree, but that’s a little too close to the edge of what I’m comfortable in allowing -PP)

    1. Kate

      WOW. I have read all of these comments and I couldn’t believe it. Has anyone really done their homework? Why is there so much bashing of Lora Hubbel, she didn’t say “This is South Dakota and we don’t need evidence to convict anyone.” She didn’t say “IF I think someone is going to commit a crime I am going to see them in prison for a minimum of 25 years” and she never got cuaght up in a sex scandle or lied about whether or not her father had lost everything… you want to bash- maye do the bashing where bashing is due and dont think for one second that the people of South Dakota are ignorant to why there is so much bashing. Someone who loves the state- couldnt possibly be good for it right? I mean who wants the corruption to stop? Clue: EVERYONE unless they are on the payroll or getting a kick back of some sort. The folks of SD are not that ignorant and you can not stop freedom of speech even when you try. What are the people who are doing the bashing afraid of is my question.

    1. Tara Volesky

      They finally printed a story on Lora, ha. ha. The paper is even afraid of the truth. lol. Well you folks might be interested in attending an event at the convention center April 11. Watch the name-calling they will do on Lora. The radical left and media are going to have a hay day against Lora and I am sure many of you here will be joining in. You have to give the woman credit, she is willing to risk her life and livelihood for SD because of her strong faith in God and the good people of SD.

      1. Annoy

        “Risk her life and livelihood” please when has she risked her life. You mean when she “spoke with inmates” I would have given the credit of counselor but that would imply that she helped in anyway.
        Another example is how she bravely dodged the people in the “black unmarked vans” that were tailing her around the state.

        Exactly what livelihood are we referring to this time?
        Real Estate agent
        Fighting the contrails that are poisoning us
        Recreation actress
        Fighter of all corruption that we are all blind to
        Slayer of unicorns and Dodo birds
        Boarder patroller
        Private investor in the Glad family of products – tinfoil specifically

        1. Anonymous

          Investigating and exposing galactic aliens in our state government and their secret landing sites. in South Dakota.

          Undercover recon to FEMA camps in South Dakota

        2. Tara Volesky

          She is spending her hard earned money that she made in flipping houses. When she ran 3-4 years ago she did have some anonymous threats but she has no fear. You forgot to list that she is a licensed residential contractor and a real estate broker. Apparently you haven’t listened to her interview or researched her.

          1. Anonymous

            don’t need to watch or listen to an interview. She is in the far out there fringe with her fringe followers and supporters. Waste of time for the rest of us.

  2. Tara Volesky

    Lora Hubbel · Top Commenter · State Representative – District 11 at State of South Dakota

    ok…so I clicked a box that said “sign the petition”. The exact same petition has been there for the last 3 presidential elections, why the feigned outrage now? Where were you in 2004 and 2008? Here is why I am frustrated with our Federal Government: We kill our most precious innocents by abortion; We teach out kids how to have free gay and experimental sex in the 6th grade; We allow every form of uncivilized form of debauchery and call it tolerance; We silence our churches and confine them to the 4 walls of a building; We mock prayer and Christianity and anyone who dares to defend it is ridiculed and targeted; We start wars just for political and economic purposes and watch our young men and women die or become maimed (why not? we allow the cheapening of life in the womb); We now have a totalitarian HealthCare law by Daschle’s (co-author)own words has nothing to do with “cost savings”…but everything do about controlling behavior. So out of frustration I clicked a box …EVEN after years of writing pro-American articles and being an advocate for the underdogs …. EVEN after saying there really is no way for us to secede…. EVEN after trying for years to better South Dakota and warn people about the road we are traveling down…. How dare I? instead of playing wordsmith in an editorial – just call me.

  3. William Beal

    Of course, NOW she’s a Republican but apparently she was the Chair of the Constitution Party when she made the comments that instigated the Cease and Desist letter that was sent Feb. 3, 2017.

    But she wasn’t a Republican then…

    “The media noted that Hubbel had changed parties, having been chair of the South Dakota Constitution Party up until February 2017.”

    I’m not sure if the Argus is trying to slam Lora, Huether, the Republican party, or all three for the trifecta with this story?

    I’m going to guess all three, since it’s the Argus.

    It’s almost like the Argus might have a bias in their reporting…

  4. Tara Volesky

    Wouldn’t she have a right to freedom of speech concerning Heuther since he is a politician? William you talk about Hubbel being the chair of the Constitutional party, well your chair of the Republican party has been a democrat. There are many elected Republicans who were formerly Democrats. That’s why we have a RINO legislator and administration. You don’t hear the other “take your turn” candidates saying what she is saying. Just trying to be fair William without slamming anybody.

    candidates talking like she is talking

  5. Troy Jones


    There isn’t a right to be untruthful. And, a Christian is prohibited from being untruthful. The truth is not in Lora. Whether it is not there because she is a lunatic or a liar, it doesn’t matter much to anyone but her and her Lord.

    1. Steve Hickey

      Troy is right. Wild accusation is her game. You’d think it would be awkward for her to waltz into church tomorrow after today’s headline in the city paper shows her to be malicious, a gossip and slanderer. I wish her church, the pastor and elders, would hold her to account. She sits in the same pews as Thune.

      1. Tara Volesky

        You guys are so judgmental, it’s unbelievable. I don’t hear you saying crap about establishment males. Remember, she is not a politician, and you can’t control her. GO TIGER WOODS! He is now tied for the lead.

  6. Tara Volesky

    Troy, if Lora is such a luatic and liar, than why did Pat take her interview down. Wouldn’t he want everybody to hear for themselve’s what an insane person she is. So much for the 1st amendment. This is such a RINO blog, just ask Shad Olson.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      Because it was off-topic, and I warned you about violating the rules before about just simply posting links

    2. Anon Jr.

      Does Mr. Olson have a blog? Perhaps it would get this “under-covered” message out there to the public. Or perhaps you should start a blog Ms. Volesky? Get all these slights and cover-ups you speak of out in the public eye.

      1. KM

        You know of the cover-up in Pierre too? Ya, I heard there’s a beautiful painting required to be hidden from the public eye so as not to offend and possibly send certain people into a panic. That’s disappointing, wouldn’t you agree?

      2. Tara Volesky

        Just go to my fb. I don’t have time to do a blog, I am to busy on Pat’s blog. lol

  7. Anonymous

    Lora Hubbel needs to withdraw and apologize. Was she able to get all of her petitions signed to run in the primary? Who would sign her petitions?

    1. Anonymous

      Apologize to Mike Huether for starters about false accusations. Withdraw from the race for Governor.

      1. KM

        How about Huether? Do you think he has some apologizing to do? I’m going to guess that your demands only run on a one-way street.

        1. Tara Volesky

          KM you are going to like the event that is coming to the Sheraton Convention Center next month.

          1. KM

            Has she announced the date and time? I’ll be there. This woman doesn’t just make ripples she makes tidal waves and I’d like to see her in action.

  8. grudznick

    I, for one, encourage young Ms. Hubbel to stick it out. Stop deleting the face books. Just let it all ride. If you say it, own it. Mr. Huether is just joshing about the desisting.

    I say, go for broke, Ms. Hubbel. Get on TV through nefarious means, and get interviews where you can look at the camera and tell everybody the truths. Mrs. Volesky and I could even call in to a radio show if you have one.