Mike Huether: Do we call it the massive ego or the third-person interview?

The Argus is touting a 2-part Mike Huether ego interview with Stu Whitney on Sunday on their website… and already it’s looking to be more of an ego trip than something that might be considered news:

In an exclusive two-part interview with Argus Leader Media’s Stu Whitney coming Sunday, he lays out his various options (governor, U.S. House, U.S. Senate) and discusses at length the challenges that each path would present, including his status as an Independent and the strength of potential opponents.

“There’s a lot running through my head, and this gives me an opportunity to try to express that,” said Huether, sitting in his former campaign office on Minnesota Avenue. “It feels good to get it off my chest.”

Read it here.

You know it’s going to be a gagger when Huether is on the video stating: “Everybody thinks they know what Huether or Mayor Mike is thinking, when in reality there’s only a couple people who know…”  So, how many people are in there? Do we need to call an exorcist?  And why is Mike Huether speaking in the third person?

11 thoughts on “Mike Huether: Do we call it the massive ego or the third-person interview?”

  1. Mike as I listened to your bizarre in third person interview all I could do is laugh. Believe it or not a vast majority of South Dakotans don’t know who you are and to add insult to injury we don’t care what “Mayor Mike” thinks.

    Oh wait except for the one time a think tank of residents got together and asked the all important question that is floating around the Universe, “really what does Huether think?”

  2. maybe “Stu” should focus on the Muslims threatening to shoot up Sioux Falls, but i’m sure he is too scared

  3. it’s hard to tell who has a bigger ego, Heuther or Whitney

    Heuther will get 35% when he runs, so i hope he does

    1. No. He will be formidable. He’s got his weaknesses like everyone else but he’s formidable.

  4. Is Mr. Heuther the only fellow in South Dakota with a bigger ego than Stacey Nelson? It seems he just might be.

  5. You heard it here 1st.
    When it’s all said and done, “My Man Mike” will have an office at Sanford Health …

  6. It looks like they did the interview in a deserted room! It looks like the post-election party if Mikey runs for anything.

  7. He has “always” used that weird verbage. It always made one wonder if the guy could be accountable for anything using an alter like that😣??? Of course he never holds accountability..just passes the buck…quintessimAL narcissist!

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