Mike Huether’s fire chief leaves…. rather abruptly.

From KELOAM on April 11th:

Sideras is planning to leave the end of June. Mayor Mike Huether is hoping to hire from within, but it’s a tough act to follow.

“So mayor, what are the plans now? How do you replace someone with 33 years of spit and vigor and fire and leadership?”  (Huether, once again talking in the 3rd person -pp)

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and from KELO TV Last night, Mayor Huether speaks on on the fire chief’s accelerated departure date:

“I can tell you that he’s no longer an employee with the city of Sioux Falls effective today,” Huether said. “We [are] gonna move on, take care of our city in the best way that we can, just like we’ve always done.”

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I’m sure we’re going to be hearing about this.


KELO AM’s Todd Epp has a few comments about it as well:

As much as I admire Mayor Huether as a leader and all that he’s done for the city, I think this was an unfortunate choice of words. It sounds like he’s trying to sweep this mess aside. That’s not going to happen. We in the media won’t let that happen, or at least I hope not. Something major happened to one of the most important city leaders who was appointed to his position by the Mayor. Then fired by the Mayor.


Given that Mayor Mike may have designs on higher statewide office, this also becomes a test for him on how to handle adverse publicity on an important public matter in a transparent manner.

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4 Replies to “Mike Huether’s fire chief leaves…. rather abruptly.”

  1. Anonymous

    Before going on the Huether attack so early, consider for a minute that Huether perhaps made the right choice and will come out looking like a hero.

    Still, I’m very curious to learn what’s happening. Especially considering former county commissioner Kolbe (sp?) ominous public input at Sioux Falls city council last night

  2. KM

    Hmmm, this is going to get interesting. There does seem to be an attempt to push this situation out of the public eye. Truly hope the “media” doesn’t let that happen either.


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