Minnehaha Co State’s Atty claims that it’s none of media’s beeswax that police called to his house

Did anyone else read the venomous response by Minnehaha County’s top prosecutor to the Argus Leader when they tried to find out why police were called to the house?

Because the circumstances surrounding his 2-month absence continue to be held under an absolute iron veil of secrets:

McGowan had been absent from work following police activity at his home in south central Sioux Falls on July 13, which started with a 911 call from his home. No information about the nature of the call was made public, and the call to McGowan’s home was not broadcast on the police scanner as calls typically are dispatched to responding agencies.


Metro Communications, which takes 911 calls and dispatches police, fire and other emergency agencies in Sioux Falls and Minnehaha County, declined to release audio from the call that prompted the police response. That decision prompted Rep. Jon Hansen, R-Dell Rapids, to call for its release on Twitter.


“I’m sure that Mr. Ellis’s unnamed sources can confirm that I’m back to work, without an official comment from me.  I will be addressing the false accusations against the SFPD and the inaccurate reporting by your paper in the near future.  I will do so with reputable media outlets that have journalistic integrity and don’t unnecessarily attack people for headlines and profit.” 

Read that here.

State Representative Jon Hansen, who sits on the State House Judiciary Committee isn’t the only legislator questioning what they’re doing in Sioux Falls. From Facebook, State Senator Lee Schoenbeck of the State Senate’s Judiciary Committee also had a few thoughts to offer:

And they’re right.  Taxpayer dollars are being used to respond to *something* going on at an elected official’s private residence. And when people inquire, a brick wall of silence has been engaged.  The elected official’s response to the news outlet who pursued the story? Yelling “fake news” and declaring the official equivalent of an amish shunning in retaliation.

It sounds as if there’s far more to the story. Which no one is talking about.

3 Replies to “Minnehaha Co State’s Atty claims that it’s none of media’s beeswax that police called to his house”

  1. Anonymous

    Both you and Lee are disrespectful and lack any sort of class. You pushed speculation and drove people to get riled all because he has a D after his name. I hope you feel proud but I would expect nothing less from you two.

    1. Anonymous

      If you were gone from work for two months after the cops showed up at you house, don’t you think that you would ,at the very least, owe an explanation to your boss?? The people are his boss and he owes it to them to tell them what happened and why he was gone. Imagine if any other public official (Governor, Senator, Congressman) had the police called to his or her house and then went away for two months. Don’t you think the people should know where the heck they went?? It’s a no-brainer.

  2. Anono

    I’m guessing there is a logical reason for all of this, BUT the problem is with McGowan here. It’s entirely his message to control. He’s a public official… a public servant. He could have come out and controlled the message and probably have great public support for he and his family if he was honest and candid. I have no idea what happened and that’s what makes people speculate.