Minnehaha County GOP Election results

The Minnehaha County GOP held their elections this morning, and elected the following officers:

Kris Swanson – Chair
Tyler Swanger – Vice Chair
Tammy Enalls – Treasurer
Jacqueline Zachariahs – Secretary
Jim Stalzer – Committeeman
Catherine Barranco – Committeewoman

Congratulations to all, and thank you for everyone who ran.

8 Replies to “Minnehaha County GOP Election results”

      1. a friend of education

        I attended the vote. Dave R. took defeat like a man; he was nothing but classy. He congratulated new officers & helped out with parliamentary procedure. Most impressive. What was Tennyson’s line? No man ever got up pulling others down; the great knocks not his competitor. Anyhow, at meeting’s end, Dave and Vice Chair Karon G. received standing ovations for their service. No petty recriminations, no BS.

  1. Rep Mark Willadsen

    A special thanks to Dave Roetman for all he did for me and Minnehaha County Republicans. No one will ever know all you did behind the scenes! Kudos too for Karen.
    I look forward to working with the new officers and am excited to see what their new enthusiasm brings! Congratulations all.


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