Minnehaha County Has huge turnout for delegate selection process.


Yesterday, Minnehaha had their National Delegate Elections for the 2016 National Convention, and they tallied 119 credentialed participants, with 97 ballots counted, and 2 spoiled ballots.

14 people were nominated and ran for Delegate. Attached are the official election results, as certified by the county:

Election Results NDE Minnehaha

The counting committee were Jason Ravnsborg Yankton Chair and Manny Steele former legislator from Lincoln. Being from outside Minnehaha, they weren’t able to vote and would not have to recuse themselves.


Here you can see Manny and Jason working with county party Secretary Dane Bloch.

11 Replies to “Minnehaha County Has huge turnout for delegate selection process.”

  1. Anonymous

    Looks like Allen Unruh is on his way to being the next National Committeeman if he wants it. Strong showing.

  2. Dave R

    Thank you to everyone who participated. The only thing that could have made it better would have been even more Republicans attending.

    1. Anonymous

      Maybe next time don’t schedule the delegate meeting on the same day that SDSU and USD women’s and men’s basketball teams were playing in the Summit League tournament?

      1. Dave R

        The primary scheduling factors were our by-laws and the legislative session. That left us with March 4 or 5. All other considerations were tertiary.

  3. Anonymous

    Ted Cruz looks strong on the second ballot in SD. Noem won’t get much traction for Rubio with these folks.

    Kasich is still the best choice on the table.

  4. Anonymous

    Looks to be about twice as many people as the statewide Democrat convention! (in just Minnehaha for Republicans)


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