Mitchell Daily Republic praises Daugaard on the surplus

Yesterday, the Daily Republic praised the Governor for taking SD from a deficit to a surplus:

Just two years ago, when Daugaard was running for governor, South Dakota was facing a projected budget shortfall of $127 million. During his first months in office, he swiftly proposed and shepherded through the legislative process a package of cuts that balanced the budget. It was a bold move, especially considering that the man he succeeded and served under as lieutenant governor, Mike Rounds, had only weeks earlier proposed a milder set of cuts and the use of reserves to balance the budget.

Refreshingly, the newspaper has a long memory about the Democratic rhetoric on the budget issue:House Democratic Leader Bernie Hunhoff, of Yankton, didn?t mince words.

?It?s time the governor?s staff invest in communities across South Dakota instead of hoarding our tax dollars in Pierre,? Hunhoff said in a written statement.

My, how times change. Just two years ago, the Democratic candidate for governor, Scott Heidepriem, was telling anyone who would listen that the state faced a budget ?crisis,? and that Daugaard wasn?t sufficiently concerned about it. Now Democrats are accusing Daugaard, who cut many millions from the state budget, of ?hoarding.?

The Democrats are playing politics, pure and simple, but there is a valid point buried within the rhetoric. That point is about surpluses, and the state?s responsibility to spend and invest them wisely.

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  1. Anonymous

    Lets put it in the rainy day fund with the other billion , and keep exporting our youth out of state.


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