Mitchell Republic on Nelson return; Nelson bringing back Kloucek ideas?

The Mitchell Daily Republic interviewed Stace Nelson about his return to electoral politics in this weekend’s paper. Let’s just say it was…. Interesting.

Nelson seeks to replace Sen. Bill Van Gerpen, R-Tyndall, who is not running for re-election after more than a decade in state politics.

Nelson believes his decision to run played a role in Van Gerpen’s choice to bow out from the 2016 election. He said his fellow District 19 residents have expressed unhappiness with Van Gerpen and the other two district representatives for their support of the recently-passed half-percent sales tax increase for education funding.


“When you see corruption this brazen, this blatant, where people are ending up dead under mysterious circumstances because of state corruption, I don’t know how much more evidence you need that we have a problem here in South Dakota,” Nelson said.

If elected, Nelson will fight to make cabinet positions subject to public vote. Nelson said officials serving in the governor’s cabinet should be elected to two-year terms at the hands of the people rather than selected by the governor. He believes this could help eliminate the “negligence” and apparent lack of oversight over programs like GEAR UP.

Read it all here.

Is there something in the water in that area? Former area Democratic State Senator Frank Kloucek was a proponent of electing cabinet officials as well, such as when he proposed bills to elect the secretary of game fish & parks, and the secretary of agriculture. Those ideas didn’t get very far when Frank brought them up, even among his fellow Democrats.

Somehow, I don’t think resurrecting failed Frank Kloucek ideas, and having people campaign for those jobs makes any more sense now than it did when Frank put bills in for them nearly a decade ago.

But, it’s a whole new campaign season. Stay tuned.

27 Replies to “Mitchell Republic on Nelson return; Nelson bringing back Kloucek ideas?”

    1. Anonymous

      Dumb ideas.

      This is why senator greenfield is so respected and Nelson is not. Nelson’s ideas are dumb and not thought out. 22 new elections on the ballot?

      Greenfield will have a very intelligent idea.

    1. Anonymous

      I agree. Conservatives should take Brock Greenfield with the first overall pick and let Nelson fall off the board.

      I don’t think Nelson has the IQ for serious policy discussions unless it involves chest thumping.

  1. Anonymous

    Nelson is right on message. No wonder Daugaard had highway patrol following Nelson around the capitol. That way they couldn’t be watching the Secretary of Education.

  2. Where have all the Republicans gone?

    the inability to comprehend or appreciate the confidence and abilities of others is the sign of personal insecurities.

    Not one comment addressing the factual evidence of corruption we all have witnessed in the news. Just the same anonymous personal attacks which show he is on target and threatens the corruption he points out in he article.

  3. anon

    Any corruption is South Dakota seems beyond the Stace’s competency level to change. Only a legislator that can work well with other legislators can effect change. South Dakota will benefit by electing conservatives that are sound in their principles while also possessing competencies to communicate to other legislators without threatening or bullying.

    1. Where have all the Republicans gone?

      Your anonymous ignorant allegations that Nelson was ineffective in the legislature have already been proven to be redicules. Additionally, how can someone you claim to be ineffective at the same time have the clout to threaten and bully?

      More establishment dishonest politics that America is sick and tired of.

      Notice that no side by side comparison, of all the legislators efforts in the legislature, is ever proffered to support the dishonest comments? But heaven help any SD conservatives that put out policians records on the issues!

      1. anon1

        If you look back on some of Stace’s old posts, he spells ridiculous the same way… pretty much a dead give-away of who’s posting anonymously.

        1. Anonymous

          Please link to these posts so we can all see.

          We should tar and feather anyone who posts on here anonymously, starting with you..

  4. anon1

    There has to be something in the water down there…. Look at the people they keep electing!

    And yes, Stace was likely the most ineffective legislator there was.

    1. Anonymous

      By any normal metrics gauge? Saying Nelson was ineffective is just a “certifiable nut-so” statement to make.

      So BVG was Nelson’s biggest donor? BVG voted for al of the tax and fee increases, Nelson gets into the race and campaigns heavily, BVG declines to run for reelection “wants to spend more time with family,” BVG throws his support behind a 23 year old college student and indicates he wants to run again in the future?

      Perfectly “nut-so” to think BVG’s actions are political.

      This from the brilliant pundit minds that said from the beginning that Ted Cruz had no chance and should have been one of the first candidates that should have dropped out.

      1. Anonymous

        BVG was conservative and Nelson primarying one of his own is why he lacks the ability to do anything.

        Whoever keeps mentioning greenfield is right. He’s the better option.

  5. Troy Jones

    I don’t believe he actual said he intimidated Van Gerpen into not running. Even if it were true, to say it about yourself is nutso. Certifiable nutso.

    1. PP at the SDWC


      And it couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’ve spoken with Bill, and he’s of the mind that Stace has no idea what he’s talking about.

      What’s very telling is that in previous legislative races, Van Gerpen was Stace’s biggest donor. But now, BVG is helping and supporting Caleb Finck.

      I suspect that’s where the attacks are originating.

  6. MC

    I think I know where he is going with this. We are going to have a really long ballot as it . To add 9 to 18 additional spot on the ballot can make for voter fatigue. Having the positions approved by the voters wouldn’t have prevented the EB-5 or GEAR-UP scandals.

    What we need is better enforcement of the rules already on the books, and we need the media to step up and be the watch dog. KELO did a great job on the GEAR-UP investigation, however it was all after the fact.

    1. Anonymous

      That’s how it works in good ol’ South Dakota. KELO is simply lucky it found a scandal. And people willing to talk.

    1. Anonymous

      Stace can say he’s conservative all day but I want an honest conservative like Brock Greenfield speaking out for conservatives in a thoughtful way. Nelson is a bipolar nut job who has tiny hands and sees spooks around every corner.

      1. Anonymous

        Vangerpin voted FOR the tax increase to pass out of committee and then voted against it on senate floor when he knew it has enough votes to pass, that is slmy politics at there worst.

        Give it a rest Senator Greenfield, you are looking like an insecure, immature, spoiled little kid throwing a temper tantrum.

        1. Anonymous

          The only vote that counts is on the floor, a simple majority gets the bill out of committee, it takes two thirds to pass it. You must be mind reader to make the assertion you did. Or are you third place stace?

          1. Anonymous

            That’s some RINO nonsense, these politicians are responsible for all their votes.

            Everyone knows that they take head counts in their caucus on such bills. There’s no doubt they all knew where the vote stood when they voted.

            If all the anonymous commenters on here are Stace Nelson, how does that explain all the evil RINOs like you commenting..