Mitchell Republic pauses to slap Democrats for "bomb-throwing."

From the Mitchell Daily Republic’s “Republic Insider,” editor Seth Tupper takes a moment to slap around Democrats for their hysteria over the newspaper saying “good job” to Governor Daugaard for the recent budget surplus:

I?ve been amused by the rabid nature of the Democratic reaction to our editorial praising Gov. Dennis Daugaard for turning a budget deficit into a surplus in just two years. The budget turnaround seemed an obvious bit of good news to us. How could it be bad news? Would the Democrats have preferred Daugaard to double the budget deficit rather than convert it to a surplus?


If Democrats want to have any voice in that discussion with what, barring a miracle, is likely to be a Republican majority, they?re not helping their cause with all the bomb-throwing they?re doing now.

Read it all here.

5 Replies to “Mitchell Republic pauses to slap Democrats for "bomb-throwing."”

  1. Troy Jones Post author

    Especially when if you consider you can trace the surplus directly to better than expected crop yields and prices and bank franchise tax collections. In effect the criticism is “The Governor is not the best economic prognostications in the nation” as nobody predicted it.

  2. Bernie

    Troy, the Democrats (and you know very well) a lot of moderate Repubs are talking about this latest surplus ONLY because it illustrates and continues a pattern of budgeting that is hurting our schools and raising property taxes because the state is shirking its responsibilities. If this was the first time … And if the administration also didn’t have a pattern of squandering one time monies … Then this wouldn’t be such an issue.

    1. ymous

      Shouldnt the local districts pay for there kids education anyways? Why send it to the state to just send it back in income re-distribution? Let local school districts decide how much tax they need to run there schools. If they need a new building, want to expand there football field or want to pay there teachers more then pay for it within there district.

  3. Troy Jones

    Bernie, thanks for being honest. So, it isn’t the surplus but a vehicle for making a political point.

    More important, the idea of there being a pattern is hilarious. The current Governor has been in office for less than two years and it was his FIRST budget.

    And, then to link it to “squandering one-time” moneys when we are talking about a budget surplus. Let’s see. The Governor didn’t spend money he didn’t think he would have. Wouldn’t to have done so have been squandering?

    Bernie, you are stepping all over yourself trying to criticize the Governor. But, I guess I should be glad this the best you have to criticize the Governor.


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