Mitchell smacks down city manager idea….

It wasn’t even close….66% – 34%

This is certainly a victory for anti-city manager leader, city council member & former legislator Mel Olson, who twice repeated that if you favored a city manager style of governing that you must ‘hate democracy’  He has since apologized for using those words…..but I’m not sure he really means it….

?I shouldn?t have said they ?hate democracy,? ? Olson told The Daily Republic.

He added that he still disapproves of the apparent motives behind the city-manager proposal, even though his word choice was poor.

?I should have said they?ve ?lost faith in democracy,? ? he said. ?But I don?t know if that?s any less offensive.?

Interesting…..I’d have to say the doom and gloom approach worked against State Sen. Mike Vehle who lead the pro-city manager group — which also garnered the support of the current Mitchell mayor and all the living former mayors.

Of course, it could be due to Sibby coming out of semi-retirement to totally blast the city manager idea in several posts — including saying it was part of British conspiracy to take back the North American colonies….

Nope — I’m gonna have to go with the Democracy hater quote as the one that carried the day.

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  1. CaveMan

    I met the guy once in Pierre while testifying for a GF&P bill keeping the spending authority within the GF&P and not emersed in politics within the legislature. At the time releasing pheasants and getting paid enormous amounts of money was the game; which we killed thank goodness.

    He looked a bit off, smelled funny and never once looked me in the eye.

  2. Stace Nelson

    Mel Olson is a brilliant man and a great teacher. He is also a class act, as his seeking out the Daily Republic and his comments attest. Steve Sibson is equally brilliant and passionate in his love for our state & country. God bless them both for getting involved, educating the populace, and following the American way. In a time when we are suffering through Weiner Tweeter, honorable men such as this deserve their due respect for leading with their heart on their sleeve for what they believe is best for our community. Thank you Mr. Olson for setting a good example for me as a HS student and to you Steve in your never say die zeal to follow the course your morale compass requires. You both give me hope for the future of our country.

  3. grudznick

    Mel Olson was a brilliant man, and a great teacher. Then he went to Pierre and started visiting certain now flooded establishments shortly after lunch, and it all went downhill fast from there.

    Steve Sibson is a brilliant man, and a good friend of mine, and he’d like to go to Pierre to represent his district, and you won’t have to worry about him being sucked into the cronyism machine.

    I don’t think young Mr. Nelson, bless his service, will get sucked into the cronyism machine either.

  4. anon

    What are some other city’s that have a city manager? Brookings and Aberdeen I believe, Watertown?

    Sioux Falls has a strong Mayor and I like that. It ads more to the position. Rapid seems to have good strength as Mayor.

  5. Name Steve Sibson

    Message Kristi, if your read Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope, you will learn that the Council on Foreign Relations was created by the British Round Tables. The domestic arm of the CFR is the Committee on Economic Development. It was this movement that supported the Cirty Manager proposeal via the Mitchell Chamber of Commerce. There is a difference between Capitalism and a compettive “free” market economic system. The GOP is tied to the former. Limited government conservatives believe in the latter.

    The reason why my posts dropped off at Sibby Online is because I have been busy reading and researching a ton of stuff. Now it is time to share my research. I hope we can all learn together.

      1. feasant

        I am not in favor of City Manager type gov. I like the fact we can hire and fire through elections, plus change can be good for a community.

  6. Name Steve Sibson

    Message So Lee, why then would Mike Vehle say:
    “In South Dakota, eight of the top 10 largest communities have a full-time executive, leaving only Huron and Mitchell with part-time executives.”

    Is Watertown not in the top 10? Or did his use of “full-time executive” was designed to mislead?

  7. Mitchell Resident

    I cant understand why anyone would want to hire two people to do the same job.
    If he argument is that a part time mayor cant run this large of city, then make the mayor full time. If we need a full time manager, then eliminate the position of mayor.

  8. Name

    Who really cares? 95% if the things they do are dictated by regulations from the feds and state. Your school board can not pass a motion to approve all state and fed requirements as it is dictated they must be approved one by one to make it look like a local issue………………


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