Mmmmm… Free Pie

If you are around the center of the state this weekend, why not stop into the Capitol building to see the Christmas trees and enjoy some free pie.

Attorney General Marty Jackley will be hosting the 13th annual Pie Day at the Capitol from 11 until 3 on Saturday.

If you aren’t familiar with this event it started after then-AG Mark Barnett told workers at a polling station in Wasta that they were not allowed to serve food to voters.
He offered to make it up to the residents of Wasta by serving them pie in December at the Capitol.

19 Replies to “Mmmmm… Free Pie”

  1. anon

    can I vote immediately after I eat the pie? Will there be people there to help me decide who I should vote for, will they drive me? Will SHS be there to speak? I hope so.

  2. Bill Fleming

    If you’re Republican, do you get a bigger slice?

    (I’m seeing a South DaCola cartoon here… Pie table with two lines forming. One pie has a sign in front of it with a GOP elephant icon and the word “Apple”, the other has a Dem jackass icon and the word “Humble.” Beam it up for us, Scotty.)

  3. grudznick

    As much of a treat that a slice or three of pie would be to an old fellow like me, I just can’t take government handouts in tough times like this. My granddaughter will bake me a pie for Christmas, and that will be enough. I don’t want to live off the public trough like how all the liberals want me to.

  4. I would rather be fishing

    Your right, it’s a great tradition with a lot of humor attached to it.

    And Bill Fleming, that ?Humble? comment is hilarious!

  5. Les

    Grud, I’ve still got your piece of Turkey Day pumpkin pie sitting on the counter at the cabin in the Hills.

    That will teach you for not checkin me twice.

    BTW, no canned cranberries either!

  6. From the Bleachers

    Grudznik….government handout? No way. The pies are donated by state employees and local folks. The ice cream is donated by wells blue bunny. The coffee and orange drink are donated by McDonalds. The aprons for the workers are donated by Buhls Laundry. The printing on the aprons are donated by a local tshirt print shop. The singing groups and prodigy kid piano players all show up and perform for….free! The laborers who hand out all this stuff are unpaid volunteers. The whole thing is free to the public, thanks to a whole lot of generous people of Pierre.

    They generally feed 1,000 to 1,500 non-grinches who are just bright enough to know that sometimes, there IS a free lunch!

  7. Anonymous

    Notice how the only business whose name is not mentioned by “from the bleachers” is that local t-shirt print shop. Why wouldn’t that name be mentioned when all the other businesses donors are named?

    I bet that local t-shirt print shop is none other than All A-ROUNDS Sports, (yes, one of the numerous Rounds enterprises in Pierre). I’m sure they make plenty off of no-bid state contracts to cover prinitng on a few aprons.

  8. Bill Fleming

    Do they at least get to vote on which pie they like the best? Seems like a feller otta get to vote for some dang thing or t’other, right, grudz? Sorta like a thank you for the free grub or whatever. Hey, it’s the South Dakota way, man, ain’t it? ;^)

  9. From the Bleachers

    Anonymous at 11:16 a.m.:

    Sorry about the coal in your stocking, Dude, but Santa always knows who’s been grumpy.


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