More in the tea leaves….

SHS has shut down her campaign account even tho she’s been encouraged to run again in 2012

From the Wash Post site….

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  1. Troy Jones

    Good catch. The tears in the SDDP have the potential of impacting the flooding threat and FEMA is incorporating the effect on flood predictions as I write this. Stay tuned to a flooding update tonight on the news at 6.

  2. Name

    She’ll be back. It wasn’t like she was good at raising money in 2010 anyway. If SHS is going to run again it will be for Senate where her name ID will make up for funds and there is a lot more money for the candidates who are viable for Senate.

    She was never going to run for House anyway.

  3. Duh

    Great. So now my friends who got ripped off from the SHS campaign when they high-tailed it out of SF will never get the rest of their lease money from SHS’s rental of the campaign office space. Typical democrat, leave debt and mounds of problems in their wake.

  4. anon

    Dr. Newquist’s wife probably fed him some nice info since she doens’t have anything better to do now than write anti Noem letters to the editor.

    Just a hunch.

  5. anon

    I wouldn’t be surprised if SHS never came back from DC. She didn’t work very hard to get reelected.

    But I also wouldn’t be surprised if she runs for Senate in 2014. Who else do the Dems have in SD and we all know she was hoping for the oppurtunity.

    The Dems need to find a viable alternative to the golden children of former and current elected officials. SHS and Brendan Johnson will never be even close to Daschle or Johnson because they don’t have to start at the bottom like there predecessors. Starting at the bottom will build some really strong relationships. Those two expect to be handed nominations and take people for granted.

  6. Duck on the Pond

    “The average cost of winning a House race in 2008 was nearly $1.1 million, based on pre-election finance reports, and almost $6.5 million for a Senate seat.”

    This is interesting and why none of the closing of the accounts makes one bit of difference. Money won’t be an issue if SHS runs again because it will be for the US Senate.

    The increase in money for her to run for Senate is the only way she runs again. SHS ran out of money in 2010 and was not able to fund mailers near the end of her campaign. If Noem attacked SHS had to take it. While Noem could respond plus she was going with the wind.

    A Senate race between Noem and SHS will be very different than a US House race. Noem will most likely still win but it will be much more agressive on both sides and both will have more money than they know what to do with in SD’s cheap media market.

    (Not sure what the average Senate race will cost in 2014 but I bet it is a lot more than the $6.5 Million)

  7. Truthinator

    It is a scary thought that Noem would end up in the Senate. In the US House, she’s basically a non-issue, but she could really cause some harm from the Senate side. I think most of us Independents would migrate away from her during a general election. She is pretty and all, but is not Senate material.

  8. Duh

    Says you. What have YOU been right on in this Blog? Very little if at all. Again, attacking her at three months in. Zero credibility with that stance.

  9. caheidelberger

    “Name”: indeed, Noem’s support for big government pork in the form of he B-1 and ethanol will be big for Noem. But big in which direction? Proof of accomplishment or proof of the emptiness of her anti-government rhetoric?

  10. Duh

    We need a strong military and independence from OPEC. That’s the fact, Jack and that’s her platform. Those are the two top threats to this country right now. If it benefits her state, so be it.

  11. caheidelberger

    Independence from OPEC: the American Clean Energy and Security Act would have done that, but the GOP wouldn’t let that pass in the last Congress. Conservation, smaller cars, and mass transit would do that, but those solutions aren’t manly enough for you.

    And as long as you insist on ever more military spending, you’ll never solve the deficit. That’s like trying to balance the state budget without cutting education. But go ahead: you show me that Kristi knows more about good military policy than the military folks who would recommend moving the B-1s, show me that B-1s in Ellsworth are really the best use of military resources, and I’ll back you there. But Kristi had better make that argument entirely in terms of military value, not local jobs.

    1. Name

      Thune set the bar really high for Noem regarding Ellsworth. If Ellsworth has to make cuts I think they should be ok with it considering without Thune they wouldn’t even have a base.

      A few B1’s won’t be the end of Ellsworth and that makes it ok. But Kristi might want to look like she has clout to win one for Ellsworth also and fight for the B1. The trick will be whether or not she is seen as a freshman class leader or more a part of leadership.

      Remember she and her freshman colleagues cut funding for Boehner’s home district project regarding F-35 engines so what makes the B1 more sacred at Ellsworth than another base?

  12. caheidelberger

    (“jaded slippers”? the mixed metaphor escapes me)

    Ellsworth: don’t worry. Noem can vote to cut it. Daugaard has a back-up plan: he’s going to recruit Boeing to build and test planes there with HB 1233!


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