More love for Lederman

From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

Such first-name-basis relationships in a state with only 800,000 people help Lederman advance a pro-Israel agenda, one that he prominently displays on his website’s home page, where he touts his leadership on the Iran sanctions legislation as well as a pro-Israel resolution in the wake of Israel?s 2008-2009 Gaza military campaign.

Lederman says he casts such issues in terms familiar to South Dakotans. The state, with one of the highest rates of military recruitment, is acutely aware of the damage that roadside bombs believed to be manufactured in Iran cause soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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  1. anon

    Everyone always talks abot what Dan is going to run for in the future and no one really knows if he is planning to run. I would say he’s a possible candidate for an open congressional seat in ’14 if Noem runs for Senate.

    I don’t really see him waiting around for 7 years to run for an open constitutional seat since he would have already been very credible last cycle.

    Dan is a great guy and he is doing a great job for his district and SD.

  2. Electrifying South Dakota

    So what’s the scoop? Is our moderator bucking for a position on the Lederman for something campaign? A republican representative in NE SD was mentioned in the Aberdeen Area Humane Society Newsletter, should we focus on him as well? Secondly, who uses the telegraph for communicating? In all seriousness, good for Lederman, but let’s not put the man under a microscope.

  3. Charlie Hoffman

    Friends it is not about being a public servant or a yearner (word ?) for higher office, nor about faith or the lack thereof, but mostly in my world it is always about being real, and honest, and engaging. And Dan Lederman is all of those things I find mutually benefitting in any relationship.

    And I will always find credence in promoting any ideology which is mandated from biblical writings.

  4. Les

    Charlie, when I met Dan, there was no doubt he was a real gent. Helpful in any way he could be and went out of his way to be in our part of the world, helping out west.

  5. William

    Dan is the type of individual that will always strive to serve the public, in any position he holds, public or private.

    Dan will advance any “agenda” he feels strongly about, because he is a strong advocate of his beliefs.

    Could we ask for anything more?

    1. Anon

      Omg, how much of this is true dl love and how much is done by consultants. The comments are the same in every dl post. I find it hard to believe that non-related or non-paid parties are the ones so quick to post the gushing adoration. Dl, quit laying it on so thick, we get it, you want to run for state wide office. Geez.

  6. Les

    Omg, how many of you anons are the same person hyping a point. If you were more than an occasional passenger on the DWC you would know William, Rep Hoffman and myself. I don’t butter anothers bread without good cause.

  7. Charlie Hoffman

    Well said Les. Still looking forward to bumping into you some day soon.

    Giving credit to those who do good work and work hard for others is the easy part. Correctly identifying those who are mostly self serving and usually wrong in their assumptions of what constitutes good goverment important but not without risk; for a politician. But then what done in the public eye today doesn’t hold some risk?


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