More on the SD Gun Owners Flyer. Same old, same old from the organization that only attacks.

In case you were wondering about the flyer from the fly-by-night group “South Dakota Gun Owners,” that they’re chasing the Governor around the state with, I’ve got a copy in hand.

The flyer is based on legislation that is yet to be introduced, and a position the Governor has yet to take. Which makes it all the more confusing.

As I’ve been told, this is coming at the same time that (allegedly) the SDGO group has recently been conducting a dial-and-dump campaign, where they robodial people with a spiel about their gun rights, and then directly dump (forward) the person to their legislator’s personal phone.

This might be slightly less bizarre if there was actually legislation being debated at this time. But, the SDGO and the people who run it have never been about passing legislation, as much as attacking people.

If you recall my post from several months ago, the attacks the SDGO orchestrated in the primary largely came from out of state.   And interestingly, they also appear to be the sole source of funds and are the  money behind the South Dakota Taxpayer’s PAC, another out of State PAC*…

which in the past couple of primaries actually attacked legislators for votes they never took.  

Predictably, the SD Gun Owners are back at the attacks. Despite there not being a bill, nor an expressed opinion on it.  

Which will make it all that much harder for legitimate organizations, such as the NRA, to promote expanding gun rights in South Dakota.

(*While that’s a Colorado address, it’s a North Carolina phone number)

8 Replies to “More on the SD Gun Owners Flyer. Same old, same old from the organization that only attacks.”

  1. Adi

    Since the Governor vetoed constitutional carry in 2012 after it passed through the legislature, one can only assume he would do it again. Perhaps you should learn the facts?

      1. Adi

        Whether he’s made a statement or not, the evidence shows that he’s more likely to veto than not. Actions are more powerful than words. And if these SDGO flyers actually work and get people to call, maybe he’ll think twice about vetoing it again.

    1. Gideon Oakes

      Leave it to someone who doesn’t even have the cojones to sign their name to take potshots like that. Good grief.