More on what could happen in a 2018 Congressional run. Dusty Johnson and Shantel Krebs.

Jonathan Ellis has spoken tonight with a couple of the contenders I’ve noted in the 2018 contest for Congress:

Two of those potential candidates are Dusty Johnson, the former public utilities commissioner and chief of staff to Daugaard, and  current Secretary of State Shantel Krebs.

Johnson said that he loves his job in the private sector and loves spending time with his family in Mitchell. But a House bid is something he might consider.

“I’m a policy wonk and I love helping people,” he said. “Politics has never been that far out of my mind.”

Krebs said she thinks South Dakotans want a break from politics. But given the opening in the House, she said South Dakotans are looking for somebody who has held government accountable, which is what she’s done in her office.

“I am going to seriously consider it,” she said.

Read it all here.

27 Replies to “More on what could happen in a 2018 Congressional run. Dusty Johnson and Shantel Krebs.”

  1. Anonymous

    I agree with Shantel…people need a break…the election was just last tuesday and look at the earthquakes so far …WOW!

    1. Anonymous

      She will win if she runs. I haven’t heard anyone asking for Dusty to return. He was last elected 6 years ago.

  2. Anonymous

    also with these openings what does Heuther and the Dems do…I would think he might run for Congress instead

    1. Anonymous

      If Huether runs for congress or Brendan Johnson then obviously someone from Minnehaha would under cut Huether.

  3. Anonymous

    If it comes down to Shantel and Dusty then I would give Shantel a 60-40% edge over him. It might be even wider when the final tally comes in.

    1. Anonymous

      I disagree. Shantel has stabbed too many people in the back in her crawl up the ladder. She hasn’t finished her term, and she’s climbing again. Like him or not, Dusty has always been straightforward and honest.

      1. Anonymous

        I think most SD GOP voters like the idea of someone willing to stand up to their own party. Obviously there are people who get hurt or lose in that scenario but she did what she thought was right and it might cost her votes and it might gain her votes. Either way so be it and let the chips fall where they may. She did what she thought was right.

        I can’t believe we are even talking about campaigns for 2018 already. We should wait until August or October.

      2. Anonymous

        I’ve heard legislative friends say Shantel couldn’t be trusted. She’s self-serving and has no loyalty.

  4. Butch Coolidge

    I predict the Republicans will run 4-5 light-weights and Hubel in a revolt election against a republican controlled Washington. A brazen, self-promoting, self-funded loan shark from SF will easily dispose of them and bring business acumen to Congress.

    1. Anonymous

      I think Matt Mcaulley is working for the dusty johnson campaign. He is definitely the establishment choice for SD.

      I’d like to enjoy thanksgiving in piece.

  5. Anonymous

    Lately I’ve been talking to people about the idea of Noem running for governor and most people wish she would have stayed in congress and eventually ran for US Senate when Rounds retires.

    Jackley will be tougher than most expect and I would assume that Krebs would be by far and away the frontrunner to take Noem’s place in Congress.

    I still say Jackley is the underdog but it’s not going to be the butt kicking Noem’s DC staff and her think. A lot can happen in the next year and a half. Especially with issues in DC that are important to Noem being seen as a leader such as the farm bill. And if she is leaving I don’t think that Paul Ryan will care as much about the issues that she needs to get elected to Governor as much as if she was running for the House.

    That said Jackley needs to up his game and be tougher. He also needs to sit his campaign manager down for a heart to heart.